U and tricia stop talk over 2 years now, Sade got caught boosting for your man party and still in jail smh some friend u are bi*ch guh learn grammar, u do not know the difference between are and or all u know is clutching ! yuh can’t even go to the place u born smh it’s a pity.Hood fame is all u dancehall duppy bat know. ( s.n. what a gal tough )


12 thoughts on “ROBBAS DEM SEH SINCE WHEN?

  1. Sender how you know they haven’t talked in 2 years? And don’t talk about grammar when what you typrd presents about the same if not more grammatical errors than her FB post, guh easy you’re jealousy is showing.

  2. Send what yo mean bout proper “Grammar” cause the last time i check yuh must use the word: “ARE” when you discribing individual,person are someone. And “OR” Means: when yo’re discribing place or somewhere. suh yuh ah the stupid one. badmind a kill yuh inside and out.

    1. no but yah real bloodclaat dunce it c-rus dis side…use ‘are’ fi describe ppl mi badi weakkkkk.

      nuh cum ere’ cum dweet again leff all dunce-ness to me please no man dis have mi a dead :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Oh boy all the grammar police officers are on the troll. Why unno must love run een and try to correct people when all a unno is incorrect?

    The proper word that Bobby should have used is or. Hence “No boy OR girl.” The word “or” is used to link alternatives, therefore; Bobby was trying to show the difference that no “boy” or the alternative “girl” can come between her and her friends.

    Now unno stop gwaan like unno is the sharpest tool in the box. KMT!

  4. Before the police them come take me on let me correct myself….
    I meant to say “sharpest” tool in the box…

  5. bad gal dont come back over here come try correct nobody till u pass basic school English!! from I been borned outta my moddas womb mi never see somebody so dunce and confident.

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