Chin wants to let the metters know them can’t stop she and Dave Clans. Him fly her een fi him birthday and take her shopping on top of it. She is winning. When gal good gal great. Read the caption, she say him nah let go.




32 thoughts on “DAVE CLANS AND CHIN UP UP

  1. I’m now convinced a da gal yah a send in her own stories. She is looking a hype. Keep it up Dave will soon run through you the way him run through all the other lucky licky gal them.

  2. Kmt every thot staple
    .. Versace and Gucci kmt i refused that said Gucci sandals couple weeks ago frm sm1 common baaad!

  3. This gal walk and suck off all the hood in Jamaica so she start wid farin. Dave is a nasty dutty man. How can you a up front with Chin when you have your good good babymada. Chin is that’ all you are worth? Sucking dick for a pair a shoes. I guess because Dave a suck out your pussy to so you are even because that is all Dave good for. All that man do a walk and eat craches and buy the gal them with a little bag and shoes.

  4. The men you bitches be hyping about ? Dave clans make my skin crawl, he’s so big fat and ugly. What’s wrong with these women, where there self worth. That man promised me all designer. The amount and bag and shoes picture him sent me and the offers to lick and blow inside my private parts both vagina and batty. He’s is top shelf freak. Chin you ain’t special you just nasty like him so stop sending stories in to met.

  5. Next! Ain’t nobody interested in your cheap ass gifts. That’s all your worth anyway. Send us a picture when he buys you a car or house.

  6. Get this clear its not Chin a run down Dave a Dave a run down chin. Chin left Dave the other day and is like a mad him did a mad. Him angry with everybody and not even a trim or shave. I’m know both Chin and Dave and I can tell you that man love Chin more than anything.

  7. Dave can’t read and write so I don’t expect no better from him all him do a buy crutches fi push up him tongue inside because him buddy not long enough

  8. Then is dat she call shopping? Versace have 50% off sale. Come back next month and try again. Worthless…

  9. Seriously my girl??? The 1000 dollars you got fu_ked in the ass and mouth for and not to mention how you had to clean his dick and butt hole with your mouth, you should’ve invested it into 3 intermediate classes at a community college. And how many 3 sums you had to do for that little money??? Materialistic things are not love. You are just another cocky cooler for him at the moment, your time soon run out. They are women out there that did nothing and received lots more than that from him.

  10. Send us a picture when you coming out of Hermes with a birkin, idiot dutty nasty gal. How much shit you lick out a Dave batty for that cheap tacky bag?

  11. From you see Dave mouth you know him love eat pussy. Him have gal him a pay mortgage for so sit your ass down with your cheap treats. Plus he didn’t buy you those you bought them with the change he gave you.

  12. When will these dunce bat males go find a sensible educated woman who can help them and not these gold digging hores.
    I’ve never seen Dave with a girl who is educated or even have a job a pure street gal him f**k it tells you what man he is. Never see or hear him have a decent girl. Always the f**k out street hores him name call pan and the fact he puts his tongue under these girls shows he had no character.

  13. But look pan you too putting up pictures bout him not letting go. Why would he let go off a cheap ass girl who doesn’t cost shit and who is using her tongue to clean his ass.

  14. She may have spent his birthday with him but when you get to that old age birthdays are like any other day. So that’s nothing to brag about!

  15. Harddough she should a shame fi say that. That’s what his 50 something Birthday? That alone should make you look into yourself. You a how much 24? And him a 50 add. A wah man done pan you?

  16. Where is this child’s mother? Anyway like mother like daughter the mother must be a F**t as well because you can’t have your daughter a walk a suck hood for bag and slippers. Chin file is long and dirty for a little girl, everybody f**k her

  17. The mother don’t have any time for chin right now because fi her man Lef her and she out fi mad, not even her other pickney she don’t have time for

  18. Real idiot them, like what does chin thinks she is gaining by sending this picture in. Karma is a bitch and the same way he’s doing his babymada he will do you. First of all you are not the only one he is f**g and buying shoes and bag. He does that for everyone he f**ks. Dave can’t get any gal unless he’s buying them because there is nothing enticing bout him. I know girls he has bought real expensive cars so take several seats with your cheap bag

  19. Juss a fass, where is Chin working inna Dave batty with her tongue? How she fi build house? She have a job? Dave a give her house money? The grand weh him give her once in a while can build house? Tell Chin go back a school.

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