1. Vanity thy name is Robbas. These dance hall tettez dem is so vain, it’s a sin. Them superficial and disgusting. Instead of parading around showing off them genetically modified bodies. Them need to look work and save for the much needed reconstructive surgery their going to need when their bodies start to reject and rotten off

  2. Dis ugly rassclat gal!! Why unnu always a put er up?? Shi nuh pretty, shi cyan sing and shi plan nuh have no swag all di brand shi have not doing one tin fi er!! Kmrt!!! Mi jus feel say unnu GI er too much light!! Mek shi gweh man!!!!

    1. ANON, I so agree with you.
      Met, please when they send in they own stories please send it right back to them (REJECT)

  3. Good afternoon Met and Metters

    Wtf Was that sh*t?!?!

    Shi look like one fagot name La’Shawn…. These body modifications does not look right, nuh matta what dem wah tell demself….. Di bleaching wrerse!
    An why shi a walk, wine, n juk?

  4. Yes Apple, cellulite gone and he bleaching turn up. Your teeth up next boo! Kerry and apply finally sell right off

  5. 9/10 a wi tiad a dem but for the love of God Bobbette really a live her life through Apple,a mean everything the girl do,where,say you do it too…..i don’t find it cute or funny you’re phuck’n sick to be stalking the girl like that,sick.

  6. Hood celebrities they don’t own shit in their name nor do they have a house Bobette u ugly duckling your Madda must of push u out her dirty azz hole

  7. Apple walk was nice however check out the where the legs meet the butt when she walks. That looks nasty and fake! :cool yeah body do over but body don’t look real at all. All for vanity and likes. Like @Sweets and the Bible said “it is a sin”! It’s like the whole world is going insane. Real woman… not trannies do have body fat. We are not lean like a man is naturally. Born women are getting same surgeries and a tranny gets to look like a woman. That’s why they all look the same! Hello people… Ten years ago if we seen an Apple ( Nicki, Kim, Robbas, etc) walking down the street we would have pointed and made fun of them and their silicone bodies, now we glorify and aspire to be like them…this shit is crazy yall. Just saying:salahkamar

  8. By the way I didn’t address Mugshots aka Robbas at all BC she is a proven theif and therefore anything she has/does is irrelevant! Plus she ugly badddddd! Man like with no neck lmfao do sit down somewhere girl

  9. Sweestest sista saranwrap come look at mi Princess Apple stay winning! On a far more mentally disturbing note though,i would love to know how does one person live so vicariously thru another?? So none of yall gonna tell that disgusting sicko Bobby fi go get help??

    Unno need fi watch dat movie “single white female”..that’s what is happening here Met!!

  10. Sweet….what kind of foolishness yu a chat todeh? Why should they work when they can steal your ID and take your money without breaking a sweat, or roll up inna di store of their choice and take what they want? Why unnu muss badmine people suh!! Lhow di girl dem mek dem survive, dem not harming anyone.

  11. Where is the Porsche Panamera?? Was it a rental, did it get repo or something? The was sooo much hype about it… Then there was no video of driving, parking, sitting, or even coming out of it. Just saying all for the Hype though. Inquiring minds want to know!! Lol

    1. Me feel sorry fi Bobbett til mi all a go stop call ar Robbas….after the surgery and the teefings she look unhappy sad or angry all the time. She did appear happier before. One thing with Bobbett she way more stylish than Apple….Apple have 1 style of dressing which is naked and cheap….Bobbett actually wears “peices” but can’t carry it off well because she doe have any CONFIDENCE.

  12. What di princess ave inna har battam??silicone or “fat transfer”??cah it nuh ave di cement”nah move” a moveeeeeee…lawd if i laff i piss…robbas look like robot…like she a chanel een apple an it nah rerk……dat bitch is a fan…

    1. Maybe sponge. I would like to know why robbas a video har nose and har zip, anything special about those two places?

  13. I don’t think bobette a follow Apple is just the in thing now both of dem are doing wid di surgery di scamming and di bleaching
    A it tek over dancehall now
    Di pic a walk and show off Dem body di whole Instagram have that


  15. Robbas damn girl all ppl life you wah steal omg mi fraid a fake fen like you all you do is chat Apple but yet still you get up everyday trying to be like her, who the f**k raised you come on now be yourself , I know as soon as Apple walk in the dance sat you gonna go home and call your dress maker to make her outfit . Girl get a life

  16. I honestly believe that robbas is the one with the big connection to the brands and she doesn’t want to be like apple. Robbas put apple on to fashion, but apple just wear it well. And the best thing Robbas can do is keep her Hermes link to her f***g self. Then yuh ago hear apple wear hermes better. Apple catsuit and played out monogram spy can be buried with her made in China complexion and pharmacutical lab tested bodied that the FDA rejected.

  17. But, Apple body don’t look good Neither!! She looks handicap and deformed :ngakak :ngakak #BotchedJob #GirlBye

  18. Well, what can I say or do? I haven’t gotten much to work with, so based on what I’ve seen……Apple you’re looking nice and “Kardashian esque”, as you ALL aim to be/look. And, smaddy look CONSTIPATED, like dem waahn likkle lamp or mineral oil!….somebody waahn shittttt!!!!!…..Ah walk like sitten BRUK undaneet dem, plus di face stand up FIRM like dem and dem man bex and dem KNOW dem out fi get a ass’nin! Bobette, ‘eng up!!!!! Dat ah nuh fi you! You’re NOT about that Snap/video life (not saying Apple is, but….), cause yuh doahn even know WAH fi dhu wid yuh fu@king self!…..Doahn know how fi walk, what or where to video nor what to do with your face, body or anything fi Dat matter! Mi tink yuh better off having a NICE seat inna one COMFORTABLE chair inna di living room, di kitchen WAY TOO HOT fi yuh, mumma! Mi “ignorant” and shame if yuh, at di same bloodclaat time!

  19. Robbas a fool cause why would I want to be someone else but Mi self!!!…..loooooooo!!! be different robbas nuh falla nuh gal being you is what makes you unique.. naw live inna nuh gal shadow, me alone par Mi alone inna Mi pic or Mi man lol…. a wah inna real life papa tag bread back gal dis no sah!

  20. Robbas not following apple. It’s their natural behavior. You all have to remember that all clowns wear the same outfit. Both apple and robbas a dunce bat. Both apple and robbas nuh own nuh house.both apple and robbas a thief and scammer,. Both apple and robbas a wannabe fake rich , broke hood rat jail bird and waste of time in america .both apple and robbas travel on them Jamaica passport to go all over America to seek attention.both apple and robbas need to seek jesus.

  21. I would like to know if the same people who went to the last party will be attending the up coming remix party.

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