Spice was rude did not want to take a picture because in London cheap store known as primark. .. she was shopping for her store …. she has 5 basket full…..because she was so shame she rush out of the store an leave someone to pay…. DWFL please BC


  1. Spice is a nice person and her fans adores her .Nothing is wrong with spending money wisely,in fact everything is right with it.
    So Spice ,if this is true,please go back and take some pics and let your fans know that they should spend wisely.
    I only wear cheap and discounted stuff and shopping at outlets.
    Spice,please let someone take you to the Nike,Footlocker and Clarkes outlets,major savings.I recently purchased a Jordan for £15 that is selling for £150 in the normal shops.Save your money for retirement.

  2. Must add,Primark sells very good stuff at a discounted and sensible price.
    Recently my daughter went shopping with her “rich friend” and got a blouse for £150 ,she sold it online for £100 and buy a portion of stuff in Primark that look much better than the expensive blouse.
    Saw Spice in Gucci ..Spice,save you money,me a warn you.

  3. Cheap clothes & den she come ja come sell dem fi big money stink like she want a shot big bitch

    1. exactly cah she very pricey with her stuff inna har store, big up 20/20 all the time and they wonder why Lisa stay winning cah she nuh so expensive and her sales are reasonable. Spice and Loud fashion is not for me with them ridiculous prices

  4. @Anon 2:51pm
    your right nothing is wrong with shopping in Prmark store, but hear me as to what is wrong, what is wrong is when Spice ago come a Jamaica come sell the stuff them for an arm and a leg, that is what is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! but why this surprise anybody when Spice is known to be a cheap ass…the spary boot is very fresh inna my mind.

  5. Ispy, I understand exactly where you’re coming from. If she’s price gouging on extremely cheap items that’s wrong. I assumed she was doing some personal shopping, but if ah suh, she should be ashame of trying to get rich instantly instead of making a honest profit.

  6. Free market,you can sell items like clothing for whatever you like,it’s up to people not to purchase.Only stuff like medicine and gasoline are regulated and in Jamaica,food prices are also regulated.
    Make use of any gap that you see in the market.

  7. Let me sit my old-fashion a$$ down considering that I don’t believe in certain business practice(s). Spice will be out of business as soon as Negro’s learn the value of a penny and know that a penny saved is a penny earned. Why do you think people invest in the black communities? Negro’s will always overspend and don’t know how to boycott a company. I’m not one to be shy or ashame to pick-up change off the ground, before mi shame mi drop mi keys next to it. I come from a old money family so ” old money don’t keep money, they have invested money and new money keep money.” :travel

  8. Unno stop compare spice and Lady saw now plz.Spice is nowhere near Saw in music,fashion,looks,Class,cleanliness and CHARACTER..this proves it. Lady saw would never tek advantage of ppl esp poor ppl like trashy buttoo spice.Spice go siddung u too damn disgusting af!!

  9. Not a fan of the Spiceless One but that’s how retailers make money…she not doing anything different. Either they are involved in sweatshops or dem go pon aliexpress buy an item fi 2 dolla and sell it fi 10.

  10. How uno can do har so.? Littlest shit that nuh necessary hurt uno tek pon uno head. Ah Neva primark alone she go, she even shopped in Gucci

  11. SO WHAT ??? WTF ??? So is a CRIME to shop in a cheap store? This is WHY Jamaica will forever be in DEBT to d IMF!!! People are too superficial and NOT economically SMART and spending beyond dem means….and when dem DO have the means, most do NOTHING TO HELP THEIR FELLOWMEN and spend wildly and senselessy to IMPRESS OTHERS…
    HOW D HELL IS THIS NEWS ?? TACKY STORY, lacking taste and sense.
    So u go SHOP fuh yuh store and buy high line and CYANT make a profit?
    She FREE to shop where d hell she wants !!!

  12. The Indian and Brazilian hair dem weh unnu a buy for hundreds of US, unnu know how much the Asian dem pay for it? Black people only know how to critize and keep down each other. She’s not twisting anybody arm to shop at her store. Kmt. Stop with the foolery and get a business popping or something.

  13. This woman is trying to make an honest living and we can’t even appreciate that. We condemn the thiefs and we condemn those who try to stay on the right path. Wow…so sad, you watching how much she’s spending in the store. What about plane tickets, hotel fees, luggage fees and duty on the items? Gosh man, let the woman live in her beautiful black skin.

  14. Not to mention that she has to pay rent for the store space, utilities, employees, security etc. Not sure how her business is set up just making references. I don’t watch profit on items, I watch overheads. I use to be a buyer for a major retail chain, they sell items for $200 that they paid $7 for. They’re not not putting all that profit in the bank. Sometimes when you check the PnL (Profit and Lost) statement you’ll be surprise of the result. Obviously whoever is criticizing her about the markups are clueless about running a business. Or even business management. Don’t hate just congratulate whenever you see someone winning.

  15. Why she never tek two picture with the primark bag dem? She just ah pose up with Gucci and river island and selfridges. She must feel shame!

  16. Spice a nuh mi cup a tea still but why when Mr. Chin and Azan dweet unnu nuh say nutten but as one black dweet unnu draw fi pick axe and fork. Alrite dem cheap but dem affi can pay back fi d plane fare customs, etc. Unnu understand how business go especially import/export? Nuf a we a gwaan like pickney weh see money and nuh know how it go and bawl wen we parents nuh buy wah we want. We fi stop tear down black business. If u nuh like wah she a peddle or her prices move u ass on. Smaddy else will buy or she will adjust when she see dem naah sell. If unnu eva know how much dem big names pay per unit for their stuff a china n thailand n then cock dem up under light and marketing and sell u unnu woulda drop down.

  17. The poorest of the poor are always watching labels and other peoples pockets in order to distract others from focusing on their own brokeness. If you’re so pressed about where she is shopping then carry her on a shopping spree of the high end store of your choice and take care of the tab. If you’re not down to do that then STFU and stop watching what this woman spends her money on.

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