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  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others..
    to ans yuh fuss qwestian a she duh har own head,de gal stay being different nd from a mile yuh can tell a she bcuz she consistent wid nung dung tuh de second wan yes it fit har do u av a third ma’am?!?!?!

  2. Rocky is a Hair Dresser in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn,NY., I believe she is Trinidadian.
    Nung dung tuh yuh secan qwestyan…..yes, the style fit her, I like her with her blonde look but as @simpli says she always have a different look to her and this sender is one!

  3. After shi go har bed so late and katch di yeye lid wid matches stick mi Nuh know how shi up so early…. A whey shi sleep met??? :ngakak

  4. Den mi Nuh muss know blem metty… Mi did a wonder if a di said blem from bout yah a cus we out.

  5. Blem say a whey GO come from shi never si GO. Yet GO fi lef affa di site… Tearsssssss… Mi weak out so till a yah shi lib fi chue.

  6. She a criticize di neon lipstick gurl..but Neva want nobodi talk bout Ms Berrz…but she on ya everyday so what she on ya a do?

  7. A me did a switch up ,,mi nuh understand di site and mi thing mi cudda just use any name..mi nuh live here like some a dem..

  8. Blem you come back wid di bad behavior? :hammer blem yuh know belly bang a lang time yawh lerks bout yah. :ngakak

  9. this look like shit…i saw this other jamaican girl on insta wid the same blue hair fi r own a shot think she name frost_cream or summin like that…all i say if your bold enough to wear it wear the hell out of it

  10. Mi aggo mek a real talk. Women, no decent man will wife you if you look this female. You will only find a man that is exactly like you. Bruk, hype and fake. Mi cya si wha attractive bout a woman who carries herself like that.
    Real Talk 😡

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