1. 10/27/2015 “Just two weeks after dancehall icon Radigan was shot and killed at a backyard party in California, his final funeral arrangements are now set. There is funeral planned for Radigan on November 6, 2016 in New York. From there his body will be sent to Jamaica for a final send off. Radigan’s Funeral in Jamaica is set for November 12th at the Holy Trinity Church in Kingston, beginning at 1pm. His repast will be held at Hope Gardens. A reliable source told thereeltinachin that his funeral will be of epic proportions. It will be streamed live so that mourners worldwide are able to watch his grand send off. After the funeral, a party will be held in his honor at Hope Gardens, which includes on stage performances and an open bar for thirsty mourners. Tight military-like security will be present. Attendees are urged to be punctual! I Will update you once more information becomes available.”

  2. nuh tel mi seh the cathedral sink suh low, no sah. streamlined live, is a statesman dead, or a “don” who died in the states,man?

  3. Roof sport bar & Grill
    1805 Nostrand Avenue
    Between Avenue D & Clarendon
    Brooklyn N Y
    Friday October 28 ,2016
    All flyers Mek Hear Angela striker nuh stop bawl
    Hear Peggy begging Resturants to help

  4. Angela Striker is his true friend wouldn’t you cry if you lost a true friend, guess you have never been real to anyone then coz if you have then you would understand her pain to lose a real friend.

  5. So Ramping Plaza go to the church inna naked clothes. She had on a lace outfit with a G-string and pasties on her breast. I heard that the pastor ask her to leave. (I’m not sure if its true) Go look pon har page and you will see the mad woman inna naked clothes at Dovecot!!!! Then she go to the repast and tek the mic and seh. The ongly two baby mother she know about is Peggy and Noldy. She nearly cause havoc in there. The baby mother come pon the mic and said their piece. one of the baby madda said she know Robert really love har and Dawnette said it was only death that took Robert from har. Ramping shop too out of order that Mark had to tell her fi cool. Is what do Ramping shop and her played out 1990’s naked style. she was all over the place. I wish she would act her age

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