0 thoughts on “RODMON DEH PAH SUMTING?

  1. Met, look pan di man dem face round him….dem a say to dem self ‘a wha di f$&k dis mi get miself inna’……lol……mi sure when dem leave dem nah go back.

  2. I feel he’s no fool. He just made many bad choices with his life. He was a real good basketball player. He’s in the hall of fame. Yes he’s bizarre, but one thing noone can take from him is his talent. He’s there dealing with a basketball program, not politics. That’s why he was getting upset. The reporter kept asking him about something that is beyond his control. Dennis Rodman knows he’s in the lions den and those other men are in his care. So his letting the reporter know that he cannot buy out the US political arguement. Yes, the Korean ruler is cool with Rodman, but Rodman just can’t get inviloved like that. The news reporter is curious, and it’s his job to ask all the questions. But Rodman can let him know that it’s not his job to be a hostage negotiator. He did go to Korea and ask those other ppl their to participate in an activity and jeopardize his teammates like that discussing an issue he knows can cost him and those other ppl lives.

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