1. The most coward interview I ever watch Roland refuse to acknowledge himself as a black man when the racist kept asking him how embarrassing kmft

    1. This is the first time that I have listened to both these men and he did not deny being a black man….his objective was to prove that race is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT…..he challenged this man until he was baffled confused and made him sound foolish. Did you miss the part where he said white people got a head start because of slavery specifically cotton production…….he dragged him…..I like Roland..great interview

  2. Brap Brap Roland Martin dun him clath!
    Frigging white Mad man..They are scared of being the minority that is all! From Election night I saw them in Trump audience doing the Nazi salute!
    Kiss mi Ras the Man sey white people built the pyramids.
    1.Dem skin too flenky and Sun would burn the hell out of them.
    2. Dem boast about being European so when did they reach Africa to build the pyramids
    3.That’s why when it come to the Bible I pick sense out of nonsense.. Even with the bible they want to make it seem like only the white color existed and that’s what give a lot of them strength that even in the bible they were in charge and Jesus had straight hair and Blue eyes.
    The White man has fooled us so long and stole our beginning to make it theirs when it was the Black man that was inferior, they refuse to embrace the history of them living in caves.
    From dutty Christopher Columbus find so much place first.. liars!Thief Mexican people land and ill treat the people.
    Roland is correct they are scared that the other races are catching up and they will be the minority pretty soon! They know Exactly why they like Donald Trump so much! Thief can spot thief,A battey man can spot each other But the Real Father God will not let there plans prevail and that Trump will not Make it through that 4years.

    What I would like Is a World where we live as One in love and peace or only in death it shall happen!

    1. Ms. Jamaica, de bible got have less than a page of anything African. The damn ethiopians are mentioned, but they are segregationist towards other Africans too.

      That white dude parroted the same racist crap coming from that damn slave bible. He humbled when Martin mentioned cave dwellers in Europe while African civilization did a gwan.

      I’m educated to where i’ve obtained factual information from whites who know better, so i have zero time to listen to white people whi know they can’t handle TRUTH…blacks too. PanAfricanism also teaches bullshit…it’s the black americans tit for tat wid racist whites.

  3. Yes Roland said he is a man.. maybe he wanted to point out He is a man and Nazi Spence is a man and he is no different from him

  4. anon@3:32 come off a dis for you further embarass us . u don’t know wa di heck a gwan, u know anything bout roland he shouldn’t even ask dat question

  5. Yes Roland was point on very interested.that White boy dum like trump him sey white people built the pyramids I am done.

  6. Oh wow, this interview blew me away, Bless up Roland Martin. When I hear things like this I work harder always going in with 120%. Educate yourself, so no one can run circles around you or brainwash you. People are intimidated by people with strong personalities who are outspoken and stand corrected.It’s mostly white at my job , and they wanna act weird sometimes, I’m not gonna quit, I just outwork them to the point where they look lazy.They don’t like it all.As black female immigrants, the odds are already against us. Never give up, just keep improving yourself.

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