A drug dealer who was part of a narcotics network comprising mainly Jamaicans who mailed cocaine from California to Western Pennsylvania for distribution, is headed to a US-based prison for 12 years.

The convict, 45-year-old Garfield Campbell, alias ‘Sean Grant’, a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was sentenced on Tuesday.

According to a news release from the US Attorney’s Office, he was part of the network which conspired to distribute cocaine between April 2017 and April 2019.

Campbell pleaded guilty to drug charges, the details of which stated that he “participated in a conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine”, from April 2017, and continuing thereafter to in and around April 2019 in the Western District of Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Campbell also pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit money laundering over the same two-year period, the US Attorney’s Office reported.

Details of the charge indicated that he was part of a conspiracy in which individuals, many of whom were born in Jamaica, mailed kilograms of cocaine from California to individuals in the Western District of Pennsylvania.

In addition to ensuring the further distribution of the illegal drug, Campbell and others sent packages containing currency back to the California cocaine suppliers, also through the mail.

Federal agents then built a case against the group with wire taps, and then search warrants.

The US Attorney’s Office said: “As part of his guilty plea, Campbell acknowledged that he was responsible for between 15 and 50 kilograms of cocaine.”

Initially, 17 people from four US states, including Campbell and persons from Jamaica, had been indicted on allegations of violating federal narcotics, money laundering and postal laws.

The progress of those related cases are not known.

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