Popular Portland businessman Everton ‘Beachy Stout’ McDonald is now in police custody in connection with the gruesome death of his wife last month, law-enforcement sources have revealed.

Two other men, who investigators believe were involved in the killing of Tonia McDonald, are also in police custody, according to sources.

The businessman’s arrest has led police investigators to review the May 2009 killing of his first wife, Merlene, who was shot and killed outside her home in the community of Boundbrook.

Everton McDonald was reportedly arrested at his home late yesterday by detectives from the Major Investigation Division.

The two other men were also apprehended late yesterday during separate operations in the eastern parish.

Sources revealed that Everton McDonald was transported to Kingston last night and that arrangements are now being made for him to be interviewed by investigators in the presence of his attorney.

Tonia McDonald’s partially burnt body was discovered in Sherwood Forest shortly after 9 p.m. on July 20 with her throat slashed.

READ: Wife of Portland businessman found with throat slashed in burning car

According to a police report, an alarm was raised after a burning vehicle was spotted in a secluded area in Sherwood Forest.

Her body was found inside the vehicle after firefighters put out the blaze.


  1. This smacks of Simone Campbell Collymore nightmare playbook all over again to rass smfh!!We should demand JUSTICE for Tonia with the same energy we have for Simone!!We simply cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that some God awful men have been getting away with murders for years now!!

    Jungle JUSTICE needs to happen in Collymore n Beachy cells Asap cuz if innocent Mario deane was set up n murdered in his…same way the powers that be can set up inmates to rectify the shyt n save court time n tax payers money !!Plus how the fcuk him get the name “beachy stout”,wtf yo!!??

  2. won’t be any sentence!
    1. witness(s) won’t cooperate due to $$$buyout
    2. witness will more than likely end up somewhere other than jail as from whats been said, this man is CONNECTED to law enforcement and other influential people and possibly the underworld.
    3. remember the x-6 situation even it was later revealed that it wasn’t him but $$$ and stature played an integral part in the due process.
    4. if this man is found guilty and sentenced, it means he’d be liable in a civil suit, how we know jamaica’s classist societal system is structured, i can’t foresee a scenario where his empire is liquidated or dissolved to compensate her family as settlement for the act.
    5. he almost certainly has secrets for society people in Portland and possibly Kingston and that will almost certainly work in his favour.

  3. I pray that these investigators do their utmost best in solving this murder of such a sweet young girl. Help us the citizens of this beloved country to regain trust in this justice system. Charge and convict that nasty old man with 1st degree murder!
    Money may be able to buy influence, but truth is the most influential of all!

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