I hope Rose don’t till she a walk wid walker like Angella before she retire from Dancehall. While she might still look good fi har age…..she getting up there an it showing. 2016 vs. 2010


21 thoughts on “ROSE JUST A LIKKLE NOTE

  1. Sender gwaan live your life and leave Rose to figure out what and what’s important to her! NO TEA HERE: 2010 vs 2016 NO BIG DIFFERENCE and she works out….Enjoy your life Lady Rose, you have a legit career and yuh nah play stuckey to no waste man!

  2. Where does this lady resides, just curious I see her mostly in Jamaica but used to see her a lot in new York parties… She’s a beautiful older woman and it truly doesn’t show on her, she has no worries which is good…Every time I see her on a video at a party, she is always smile, with her gap in her tooth but it fit her… Why would you send her in sender she doesn’t look like she gets into no drama… She looks good go ahead with your bad self Lady Rose…

  3. but she looks good – I dont see a difference really.. sender…you must be miserable in your life

  4. Sender I can see your really bored find a life an leave lady rose alone ok I really don’t see the sense sending in the picture you people are f**g wicked Jamaican people all unno do is bring Down one a nother kmt big up you self rose

  5. I dont see ntn wrong with lady Rose she not even look like shes getting in age forever young …
    Sender boring and need if go live a happy life and Lowe ppl

  6. Jealous much, the woman look good. Yesterday, today & tomorrow. Can bet she look at her age much better than the young sender. Pray when you reach Rose age you look half as good

  7. Sender are you jealous or maybe it’s because she with chris dymond and you want him? The woman look good for her age and she’s working out which is a plus

    1. Yes!!!! Thats what i think too. True chris dymond a roast duck fi har den jealous. Unno too bad man

  8. Wtdf wrong with these miserable,dead beat sender unuh need a life,
    Leave the nice,happy, comfortable people alone
    Drop asleep and die
    Rose u looking good

  9. Bwoy rose a get dem good steam fish deh aid the roast duck and cranberry glaze, mi jealous lmao but she look good and carries herself well.

  10. is the 1st me a see a story send een and I simply just do not get it at all at all!What could possibly be the problem sender having with sweet Rose?

  11. I like rose and for a big woman who working hard and taking good care of her son I’m sure she is free to do anything she want as long as her body can do it….sender sound bad mind and P.S Whatever happened to Angela is called sickness which can reach anybody at anytime age don’t matter smh go take several seats back!

  12. Sender Lev rose alone for she is a sweetheart and she look great for her age ..and me let u know she is good like that ..real woman

  13. Senda certain ppl you cannot f**k with. Rose is one of them. She looks great and she nah bother a soul. Everybody gets older…do you know of anyone that gets younger? Your intentions was probably innocent but you not gonna get away with this one boo. Thx for the pics. Lady Rose stay very very good!

  14. Sender u need to kill ya self !!!!! Rose skin clean and pretty for her age she is living her life ! Idk her but she never Inna drama like some big women.

  15. Yowww low mi Fren she reach high in life when u dutty waste gyal can’t even imagine- 6 house ah foreign n in the states well educated woman who don’t need no one for nothingggggg- while y’all bitches borrow money fi get weave n lash move n gweh sitdung when she dun wid Chris yuh can take ur turn bitch– this is blaxx pin d bloodclot pink wall go look fcuking life bitch yuh mad u can’t take flights everyother week like she– she ah d fcuking boss low har gunshot to yuh bloodclot face —- blaxxxxx seh suh.

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