Family feud at slain teen’s funeral

Sunday, January 05, 2014 | 6:50 PM

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MANCHESTER, Jamaica — What started out as a calm and solemn occasion at the Lititz Seventh Day Adventist Church to say farewell to 18-year-old Kimberley Simpson, turned into a chaotic scene between members from both sides of her family on Sunday.

Young Simpson was chopped to death on November 29 last year, allegedly at the hands of Rohan Thomas, the father of her two -year-old son, following stories of carnal abuse and domestic violence.

Her murder drew national attention as it took an eight hour stand-off between police and angry residents to prevent Thomas from being the victim of ‘jungle justice’.

However, it was a dispute between members of Simpson’s mother and her father’s side of family that prompted the uproar Sunday, followed by a walk-out at the thanksgiving service.

It took several attempts for Constable Oral Williams of the Santa Cruz Police Station and church officials to restore some amount of calm for the service to continue.

A family member of Simpson’s father told OBSERVER ONLINE that the eulogy was interrupted because disregard was shown for her father as his name was not mentioned.

Continuing to show their disapproval of the situation, some relatives of Simpson’s father stayed on the outside of the church for the remainder of the service.

They also refused to go to the graveside at the family plot in Content District, where Simpson lived with her maternal grandmother.

-Alicia Sutherland

0 thoughts on “ROW @ 18 YEAR OLD’S FUNERAL

  1. Morning Met n jmgers
    Oh my God all in the time of mourning these ppl still a worry bout “self glory” no respect for the dead smh wat the uproar fa??? My God man *tears*

  2. The father had a memorial for her in Catford so the family in England could attend; and I heard he’s taking it really hard because apparently he wasnt an absent father, so I don’t why all of this disgrace. ….. Lawd some ppl really have no values or respect for themselves.

  3. He was an absent man never there one bag a promise that’s all nothing else tek what hard when in dey every pan and drum knock since him arrive a jamaica Kim never even talk to him cause him never there for them do what’s your point kmt

  4. He is and was an still is an absent father him and Kim never even talk before she died so I don’t get this him should a shame him better go try become a dad to his next child kmt

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