Trump ‘Golden Shower Gate’ File To Reopen

President Donald Trump has been under the scanner over his alleged links with Russia, which further escalated after a 35-page document released by CNN in January claimed the 70-year-old was involved in obscene s*xual acts. Britain’s former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who is believed to have authored the dossier, has now been called in by the…


  1. Oh plz God keep Steele safe, I want him to tell all. Blow the lid off this Russian connection,so we can,”lock him up!”

    1. den if bolt not even a carry kasi guh a uptown Mondays a really prince harry yuh tink him a guh bring har fi meet?

      1. Met this person don’t want to be informed about the things in this world that can affect us. Please let them know the site is not just for sussing, it’s about information sharing. I always say you well rounded on this site and many big ups fi dat.

  2. Met nuh stop dash up the shithouse pon the wall, because ppl need to know how Messi n evilious he is.Aunty dont stop use the platform because some ppl dont watch news suh keep them posted. @ 3:29 sometime i am tired of him too but u cannot tell met what story to run n what not to run, u have a choice to stop come on the wall untill we impeach the shithouse

  3. Met please keep posting the trump issue deh fi mi…don’t stop..I love the fact that you are keeping us informed on so many levels.

  4. Met met I swear I on the floor I have the best clap backs wa mek u bad suh they need to stay off our page if they don’t like what is being shared it’s that simple

  5. This dogshit go mar-a-lago almost every weekend a cost tax payers. 10ml him bun up going back n forth mi hate him..Met dont stop exposed him over here plz because we r living inna dark n hopeless times with this shithouse and we cannot save ourselves.

  6. how could u call this article trump rubbish, u no want it come out say dem piss eena the whitehouse bed not surprising to us that’s why that cane thrash head one sin in the chair wid her shoes, dem a diss up the place cause a black man was in there, an missa man or gal go lay dung mek dem piss eena u mouth for its normal for u for from u born u sleep eena piss, sniff we smell u, u stink like 10 days piss save up eena dem big bottle from dung a jublee jankro leff the woman site alone u don’t like us over here so why u over here

  7. what utter disrespect, then… a pence a go eena it when him impeached, that s he said he did not want to live in deh its blatant racism,and dem cant clean like black people nasty don’t bathe, a people of color teach dem fi wash dem nasty cunts

  8. @Met if I didn’t know you were a cancerian I would ask you, because your comebacks are notorious as a real cancerian!!
    Anyway if you not watching already guh ketch the last part of Rachel show and watch it from the beginning on demand!!!! She a dash it and splash ittttt!!!

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