Met mi see mi man ah act a likkle shaky fi bout di past month so mi seh Mek mi go thru him phone cuz you know ALL DI ANSWERS IS ALWAYS inna dem phone! So I see texts from dis whoring gyal named Tiffany Campbell. Mi know her name cuz him HAFFI tell me her name when mi draw fi di chopper! Met, Mi get up underneath mi man & is hell & powderhouse INNA dis yah house yah tonight & it naaaahhhhhh go calm down till me find out EVERYTHING BOUT HER & confront her BBC!!! The only reason why mi waan confront her is because she live ah Canarsie too & she see me wid mi man when we ah drop off our son ah di daycare & mi see her with fi her big head, tight pants man when dem ah drop off fi dem daughter!

Met, mi nah play wid him & me nah play with NO dutty gyal weh think seh dem ah go come mash up weh mi build up so far! Mi know seh man ah go be ah man & some ah dem ah dutty dog but yuh better hide & fu*k & HIDE IT GOOD! Mi nah blame her solely, mi know seh ah nuh rape she rape him but she have fi har situation already & she see fi we situation & mi nah interfere inna fi har own, so she nuh supposed to interfere inna my own cuz if fi har man approach me, mi ah go tell him seh mi ‘know’ him woman & that mi have mi man, NO THANK YOU & send him pon him way!

I waan call her but mi need more ammunition fi done her with. Him tell mi seh she is some supposed substitute teacher but mi waan know if ah true. Him tell mi seh she suck him hood 2 times & him f**k her inna dis bathroom ah dis Memorial Day party. Mi ah go show you her pic weh mi get from her friend page offa IG & the picture text she send him pon him phone. Mi see the “T” tattoo pon her hand so mi KNOW SEH is she.

Metters, mi need unnu help, I’m not delusional BY NO MEANS but I’m not a quitter either & mi nah dash weh my family or my son’s hero fi just a sex fling…..see di Pic them below…. Run di HOFAX…please & thanks

11 thoughts on “RUNNING THE HOFAX

  1. You said a man is going to be a man (one of the stupidest excuses women use to defend bad behavior) so let him be a man and continue to cheat on ur ass if not with dis girl somebody else. U a worry bout what u build and him naw worry bout it. Women what you tolerate is what will continue. Leave the girl alone dem both did a teif a f**k. If u naw go leave him stop stress u self n mek him gwan f**k pon u. Him already realize u naw go leave so he can continue to cheat on u!!

    1. Very profound statement! Did you come up with that all by yourself? You deserve to be at the front of the class….yuh too bright.

      1. Hi look ‘ere, if yuh nuh like my profound statement mi have an option fi yuh enoh. Kindly f**k off.

        Time an time again, woman waan fight nexx woman fi man, while di man juss continue him f***y. Ah 2016 now, an ah time woman stop dis bullshit bout confront di adda woman. Yuh nuh hab ah clue whey di man ah tell har seh. Yuh nuh like whey di man ah deal wid, leave. Nuff dweet an dem survive juss fine. Know ur rass self worth. Fram ah man want u, him whi do what it takes fi keep u. F***g ah nexx woman is not in dat equation.

        Whey more yuh rassclaat want, some long epistle???? Kissteeth

  2. Your sleeping with the enemy, leave the woman alone. Do not approach her with you man argument. It only going to expose your insecurity and weakness.

  3. Is a bitch you de wid? Leave the girl alone although she should take you to court fi slander har name.

    May all the gal “big head, tight pants” man a phuck yu man. You tek up chopper and him give you name and all? Me need dat chopper fi me goat leg dem :hammer

    God bless me NEVER to live such a violent home life wid me man…selah.

  4. All fi u idiot man mi nuh want smfh move on I sure knw him f**k pon him other woman and get u and im proud of met for not putting up the pics

  5. Chopper? Sender, you are a lunatic. Go seek help!! It sounds as if you love the man more than you love your child. Remember, he is a grown ass man that can take care of himself if you decide to leave him and find happiness elsewhere, your child however is helpless. Please don’t let anyone hot up yuh head to the point where you are willing to risk your freedom and the well-being of your child over nonsense.

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