Interesting documentary on scamming. Up to 59k people complaining of being scammed by Jamaicans

6 thoughts on “SCAMMING

  1. yeeesss metters,,,,,, these are the issues that are affecting and tarnishing our reputation on a macro scale and putting us under the microscope, I think topic like these is where we should be seeing 78-80 comments when its all said & done!,,,,,, I notice anytime I take a prips on this site and see topic like this posted, you’ll see nothing more than 7 comments, but post a topic about APPLE, BANANA, or JACKFRUIT new batty or YANKEE, COCKNEY or YARDIE new designer shoes whether fake or not, or who sits or shits in bounty killer’s face or who is pulling beenie man’s renta locks or who is rubbing bleaching creame on vybez kartel in prison etc. you’ll see no less than 80 comments!,,,,,, many of the masterminds behind these scams are some of y’all crooked politians & police friends & some of y’all family, brother, sister, cousin etc. maybe even some of y’all who knows, which is the bigger of the 2 evils?new york’s dancehall socialites misdemeanor boosting & bootlegging(NOT SAYING I CONDONE CRIMINALITY OF ANY LEVEL, NOT AT ALL) which whould garner 80 comments,,,,, or,,,,,,scamming by organize criminal elements even high society peeple in jamaica (maybe even some of y’all) & the proceeds from this illicit act buy the most & biggest high power weapons that mash up & destabilize the security of the country!,,,,, tell me which one is more of a topic?,,,,, exactly my piont!,,,,,, I think a lot of people who comment on here didn’t went past grade 5 in ALL AGE school thats why they like to gossip about mixup and the real issue/topic is irrelevant!,,,,,,, just like jacob miller said,,,,,, TENEMENT YARD!

    1. You would have garnered interest, but you insulting comment just decimate any real interest for the topic.

  2. Kmt tried to listen, very interesting information but the music is way too loud. Met, is there any other video without the loud music? If yes, please repost.

  3. Hmmm..I wonder what they are doing about lottery scamming in other countries..(NIGERIA-kingpins)

  4. I don’t necessarily care if other countries are a part of the scam focus. I am bothered by those scammers who are further tarnishing our country’s name. The US is not wrong for doing what they are doing and I hope and pray that each and every scammer is placed in prison…

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