Morning Met!
The other day I was passing thru and see weh dutty big nose mowly Richie-Ann **** aka richrush did a Nuff up r ugly b****t in a Bolt and Kasi drama. Me love how unu light up r R*ss over ya…every day she over ya a watch out pinkwall and den behave like say a ppl send call r and she is so unbothered and unphazed by the page. Now this likkle hurry come up fly by day thot from grants pen, nuh stop walk and nyam out d old man dem and con dem fi wear the Ali express hair and the barrel bottom clothes. nasty gal Richie Ann weh have dutty draws pile up in yuh house, u can’t even snap in a u board house, u bed low nuh bl***clat if shot a fire u can’t go under it. Talk how much time u lie to that old man fi get him

Money and how much time u sick and need so call money fi fill prescription. Outta all u friends dem waynette and Kira a u alone a wh***e out u self fi make a statement pon IG. All a u friends dem are productive girls who are aspiring to be something in life.. Same way she use to over money Mike page a push up r self pon d woman husband.. No rush the only man want u a d the big ugly white man weh u can’t show. Den go see the likkle stinking h**** weh u affi a suck fi get the $100 dem a week time. By the way u never start Uwi? Why u stop? Why u con out the man fi the school fee and nuh pay it? She Ina deep competition with shanzi, the only difference is that shanzi parents dem provide for her she nuh affi a hurt r head fi wonder weh fi tell d old man dem fi get money or fi a sleep wid dem. the only time rush go pon plane a wen dat man book a ticket fi r. Claim how she have r generation a foreign and never a time she can go mongst dem and take a pic. Always affi itch up a some cheap hotel when u travel.. When u see it suh d man goodly have him woman.u life sad likkle girl and u ago grow and unhappy, learn to hold u own and gain a sense of independence and the likkle washy followers dem weh u have weh a keep u relevant.. Need to take a stadium of seats.

71 thoughts on “RUSH DIS MI LOVE

  1. Lol ..all this child is good for is to make snaps on her bathroom floor when she’s at home . If u waan con man fine . But use it to better yourself , take the money and help your dad . Sort out your home ..I mean he’s the taxi man u use to take u around . Foundation over hype . Clothes , hair , make up and shoes are nothing . When u have your home with your furniture and everything girl . Social media has turned some of these girls into idiots . Always putting on a show . Because they believe majority of their followers don’t know where they live or ect . It’s sad ..I’ve never been jealous . Don’t know how to especially when it’s all looks and no achievements

  2. She needs to finishUWI and get har own cuz wen yuh have yuh nuh have tek crawny old man fi cheap things. You can then tek man u want to not because you have to.

  3. Sender u neverrrrrrrrrrrr haffi done har suh. Mi nah lie mi Neva ready a bloodclaat :hammer l o l no sah..I thought she was still going to uwi, me never know she did stop and bwoy if a one thing me haffi agree wid sender and a d part Whe she deh pan everybody page a comment. Mi never see one likkle gyal Whe nuff suh. Is like she wants to be seen and let’s be clear she is not a pretty sight but mi hope she see dis and humble har likkle self, drink some porridge and keep to harself!!

  4. Ever watch har snap dem & see how she gwaan, Too damn hype worse thing about it she’s really ugly….
    Ugly bad

  5. Lol this nuh same likkle gal weh claim say r man spoil r pon snap. With the $50 dem from western union.. People who don’t hold their own and are dependent on other persons for things will always be a slave to them and they will only give u enough to have u keep coming back. Every day she talk say she a wife.. Like if u that proud a u man why u can’t take a pic with him and proudly show ppl that he is your man. And a true.. U can never see in that girl house when she a snap only one white dresser u wi see and as she get the dresser suh she post it pon IG. U can always tell ppl who are not use to having anything. I really don’t care much for her, she can take any amount a old man she want cause a fi r body but she have a snotty attitude and she isn’t humble. Like bitch u already ugly plus u gonna be hype with it?? U know that u setting up yourself to be roasted. She behaves like ppl are beneath her. Mike wife had to put r in ar lane couple weeks ago and make she understand r self. Like go to school like the rest of your friends and come out with your degree and hold your own. If the man nuh send a $50 come u can’t do nails, hair nothin. Is that how u wanna spend your life? Depending on a man?

  6. Noo me desk full a stress so mi just kiss mi teeth and come over yah! I laugh til i weak di part bout di low bed and shot a fire dwlll no senda u go too hard

  7. I Like Waynette she seems humble and on to greatness, but stick a pin i heard she deh wid a pnp politician a true sender….run gone

    1. Ye she deh wid a politician mi hear too and she jus move out. Mi hav r pan snap n mi so happen to kno one a d neighba woii lol

  8. Low d blooclaat gyall. Sender u sound hurt a rass. U ever see d celebrity dem bed pan tv n it high? Talk truth. Go google! Bed nuffi high. Damn fools.

  9. Since unuh watch out fi r life so. Unuh weh falla r pan snap wuda kno seh she is going school cuz she bought her things already. Unuh move man.!

  10. Ntn nuh wrong if a board house she live in. She live wid r parents. If she wah move am sure she can. she young she can enjoy mi nuh tink twenty so she can enjoy the bills free life fi now

  11. Yo inuh low rush! Lol i like her. I like her business drive n ethics. She have her likkle ways but mi nuh mek tht bodda me sah. Unuh fi uplift the youngsters n tap bring dem dung


    1. Mi nuh disbelieve cause a long time mi realise seh di mother inna competition with her daughter and the politician who is her step father work a ksac…mi go round him already, not a bad man, but him full a himself and feel him shit can mek patty! Mi did always notice seh u nuh see the mother inna work clothes pon a regular and you nuh hear bout store or dem suptn deh fi seh she a do suptn! And dat she did hav her when she young! And a di tattoo pon her leg and couple party pics mi did see the mother post long time ago mek me realise seh she a ghetto gal! Lol!

      Dem ppl yah and dem pretend lifestyle alright!

    2. Well dis a shanzi inside fren numba 2 if a nuh shuggy or har minion write dis GOD COME!but since shanzi a “ignore ignore” like she a eedyat mek mi chat. Why shuggy nuh chat bout di matches box weh she live in a wid di big orange ghetto board wall atleast rose “emotionally depress” inna har 2016 HONDA CRC van shuggy muma affi run off fi guh mine shuggy cuz a shanzi politician stepfadda since uno waah sing pon dat help wid shuggy school fee she bruck and hungry last year school fee goodly nuh done pay yet her madda a pimp out she to big man have her a man yaad inna summer pon snap chat and dem inna di same state (florida) why she never tell u dat ms “inside fren”. Atleast shanzi madda tek di emotional abuse fi mek har daughter live a nice comfortable life a drive car at 19. THAT IS WHAT A MOTHER DOES. call di big man name weh she deh wid and if uno aguh seh sasco SAVE IT cuz dat is a lie

    3. As “juicey” as this is beg u rub out the fren part. Just a insider. Fren can a run somebody file suh…. “frenemy”

  13. Unuh come offa d girl kmt me like har. She a do r ting n ntn nuh wrong if she like olda man? N 50? That i lie mi watch r pan snap and see whul eep a money she whul unu stap it.

  14. She nuh pretty but she ok. I have her on snap n she nuh strike me as sumn weh out deh too much. She stick to r own n mind r own business tht pays her lol. Ntn nuh wrong if a 1 older man she with. Am sure nuff a unu wen unuh did young did deh wid one big man at some point in time. Unuh cyah seh a cause a daddy issues either cuz she and her dad close. Maybe its wat she likes

    1. Ntn nuh wrong wid tht. Dem real doh n braces is a process actually. Real braces takes time. They will tell u it coming off and when u go dem seh dem nuh ready yet

  15. A why dem gal yah a sell an ting and dem ave strong parents?…. Wah di point a dem sellings…. Has she been hurt molested, what? Cause if u a suck white man fi clothes an hair an nail’s a wutlist sellings dat. If it nuh bruk nuh try fix it my girl…. Finish school my girl. An stap di f**8y Senda bout trick man… trick Mi bloodclaat Yuh nuh see di gal inna hotel room? she a get f***d an more best believe dat… U sound like a fool bout con lol. Den again a she probably send dis een harself… Like wah day hurt her head.

  16. Ms. Inside friend of shanzi u are no friend u are a f*k*in* hypocrite and u badmind d gyal bcuz she look good. if this is not shuggy i dont know who else would do supm like dis u chat too much

  17. I follow her snap , i originally saw her on ig. Commenting on all the black foreign sugarbabies profile… im like who is this lil bitch . So i guess she is doing something to be on jmg

    She buys off aliexpress and sells it to people with no visa or credit card obviously.

    She has glow up potential!she reminds me of butter face teyana taylor in the face … she could be a 6.271000 with a nosejob & cutting out greasy food to help her skin.

    She is really private , definitely has a wyt man . Who cares if he is older. Money is money.

    1. Mi say it yesterday she a zzzzzzzzzzzpon common sense….mi tolerance low fi dis blogger wid ar annoying colour complex…every solution fi it is cosmetic surgery….you are an annoying twit and every comment you pose exposes you to have deep rooted issues with your face and your colour. You sound like one a dem YouTube taught face beaters that no amount of highlighting and contouring can sawt out. You self esteem need work because you a zzzzzzzzzzzpon it too.

  18. Shuggy u was neva a fren from beginning plain ole hater. When u n d gyal was fren a d best u eva look cah you did a try keep up. Yuh heart very dirty n ugly like yuh ugly white bootie. Now ya slander d likkkle gyal afta she love u so much n parents dem did love u to. When u deh a school a talk d gyal business tru u jealous.n if ar room alone cut in a 10 that a yuh entire house n cut again in a 20 thats your too much n all u n your new friends do a sell unno vagina.sell out i hope her stepfather stop sponsoring your school fee.

  19. Anybody can fill me on why exactly shanzi and shuggy stop talk? Mi realise seh them nuh post pictures again and a shanzi and shuggy ex boyfriend a bestie now.

  20. so after shanzi stepdad still sposoring her school fee she still come on here talking bad bout d girl whose family dont have argument. her grandparents aunts and everybody is well off i am a cousin so i know. But that b*tch shuggy tho. jump off a bridge u crawny like.. Met u need fi get her file

  21. the black man is not Rushell father… she has some serious insecurities and issues and that lead to her decisions of her ways of getting money to live lavish.. from wolmers days she always wanted to fit in with the pretty well dressed clique… cuz she was and still is a ugly duckling…waynette be careful cuz she badmind you..not to mention you Shanzi.a….if she cant beat you.. she fren you.. I can never forget the day she and Selena cuss… selena done har baddd…. then likkle after that a major transformation…she beva stop push up til she and selena chat but nuh matter how u baade the hog and put it in nice clothes.. its gonna end up back in the mud….humble urself Rushell aka richruch…. you wannabe a kardashian.. be you first

  22. Shuggy a sleep pon prison bed cyaa even roll uno see fi her mother dat is ghetto fi her madda bleach out skin thin like snake well matter of fact look like snake

    1. Bad to bad her mother made something of herself and got a degree what did Rose get…eehh all she do a sit down and depend pon the Deputy Mayor money weh affi share wid him million and one concubines so low the gyal mada alone man.

      1. “Concubines” naah stop she and her daughter share doh….oh plz degree? And affi run gone a foreign back a man weh cyaa even pay har pickney school fee

    2. Yes degree, and so what if she run weh gone a foreign she won’t be the last who has a degree to do it..why unnu a bright the girl mada inna it and unnu don’t even know if is the girl comment over her. The way how ppl badmind and stay a goodly all one of shanice same fren dem comment under Sikes or even one a Swaby gyal them so please unnu nuffi dweet it. Nufff people know Rose and Swaby business because it is not something that a hide sey them live like puss and dawg when them ready so please.

      1. Degree in a caylissness dat she have degree inna n yh unfair game play twice uno waah bring shanzi madda inna everything but as soon as ur fren madda name get call a badmind what she have to badmind cyaa even wear two proper hot outfit good inconsistent like a wah n badmind shanzi tru she couldnt match up shanzi hotter shanzi shape better went to better school she a drive never short a ntn n naah fi a beg fi skl fee suh yeah me wuda bitter to me understand. And same way shuggy muma wont be the last to run off shanzi madda wont be the last to get bun which man dont give bun go and sit down u goodly a beg skl fee to

    3. I rather beg school fee than sit down and affi tek all kinda diss fi suck salt fi pickney!!!! what does Rose have ? more than the yeast infection contributing clothes that she wears all day long fi go sit down and labrish wid her ghetto frens?
      the gyal mama got her degree from UCC, weh Rose ave she better pray the day Swaby nuh put har ass out cah fi a woman wah class she has to dress the way she does with the one million and one cellulites pon har fi likes..kmt yes mi a beg school fee too so mi nuh affi cum tun major concubine as Rose.. Some people nuh have no sense not all that glitters is gold one million Bridgets and nutten behind a that not even one quad ova portmore.

      1. Her van alone can buy the 1/4 of a quad weh shuggy live inna cause a u own housing trust. Dem a try keep up wid shanzi n her madda n guh bankrupt dats y she nave nuh madda yah nung she gone sell pussy a foreign…from she n shanzi stop be frens di freeness done n it a show pon she cyaa lick di nail pon di head with not even one outfit and har struggle business daven start fi a month and a have sale cuz she hungry.

  23. @Met you can look fi see dem two here (Shuggy and Shanzia) file a come in soon! And di whole a di likkle gal dem who hitch up round dem a run come over ya!

  24. richrush continue tek n tek n don t stop tek dem man goodie dem vex yuh hot n yuh fashion sense up nuff a dem a f**k n naah see ntn suh dem hurt stay inna yuh cheap hotel caah nuff a dem only guh airport guh pick up foreigner and cyaa board a plane … bare hypocrite deh on dis @anonymous a talk bout why dem a bring shuggy mother inna it why dem a bring shanzi mother in a it file a dash suh it a get dash good. every post bout shanzi is about stepfather dis n stepfather dat she nuh hide it she post him pon her page n mek di world know she have stepfather she chat it pon SC seh she n her father talk but dem nuh close. how much a uno can seh uno father mine uno shuggy cyaa post no father figure real father NOR step;father if she av none cuz fi her father naah mind she n her mother deh wid people man shanzi and har madda can post swaby cuz any gyal a tek him affi tek him n guh si dung. which man nuh gi bun? if nuff a uno madda did tek man weh a gi dem tings uno wuda better off and nuh suh badmind. uno a done richrush seh all she do a tek big man but tru uno cyaa seh dat bout shanzi uno start pon her family. lowe di young gyal dem ole prune uno.

  25. speaking of GHEDDOOOO shuggy mother nuh name tyghtagirl on ig lmao? on a serious note tho two of dem have 2 daughters weh a guh school and do dem ting they have no control over their parents or if dem parents nuh work or naah mind dem or run off etc so i dont think it is right to cuss them about their parents dat out of dem control

  26. Unuh fi leave d young gyal dem alone. Ntn nuh wrong if dem tek big man. When me did young a dat me use to do. N mi kno nuff a unuh used to do the same thing to so stap judge. N yes the shuggy and shanzi ting tru. Big big argument was on ig abt shuggy coming to shanzi yard and then telling everybody at skl shanzi yard business cuz apparently shanzi deh ina light a pretend like r home life good and ar step daddy n mommy sleep ina diff room n him always a run r out to look a work n she cyah do ntn but tel it cuz she dnt have n option. She nuh work ooo. N dat swaby man full a yung gal mi kno fi a facttt

  27. All a u little bitches are straight up disrespectful and I guarantee you will regret every word said on here.
    The tea IS nice tho ……

  28. mi like shanzi so fi har home life nuh have ntn fi do with me she is humble nobody airs their dirty laundry suh uno did expect her fi chat her family life (if any of this is true) keep doing you girl and DRIVEEEE and RRREEEVVVV badmind out of them LITERALLY cuz yaah one of the few young HOT GYAL pon ig weh have atleast a car so u get a head start guh deh goodie yuh stepfather a mind u n dem vex!

    1. A car tht ur stepdad bought doesnt count n a r everyting him buy dem inah him name. So thts y dem cyah lef cuz ntn d muma she nuh own. Nuhbadi nave a problem wid shanzi but ppl tink she perfect n she innocent. Mi see r wid a man nt is nt the likkle bwoy weh she always a post. but mi cya seh a who cuz she saw me n she ago kno a mi. Snake ina grass dat

      1. di car a mad u doah u on here a reply about everything you are a hater and you have a problem and even if the car in his name which im sure it isnt but because you badmind u still a tek bus and she a drive you are a hater stop it and leave her alone since nobody dnt have a problem with her damn low life

  29. Some a unu jus cya help but call shanzi name all when the topic nuh have ntn fi do wid har unu affi try bring down the likkle gyal. At least she nuh affi a walk and soon h**d fi $50 and $100 and f** nuh old man weh a get feeding tru tube. Lef the likkle gyal mek she strive and go suck unu mada all when rose a 36 or 63 she still bloodclaat hotta than unu and you so called insider bitch weh claim fi know so much them fi just hold yuh and poison yuh because people like you a str88 up craaasis gwaan like you and the girl a fren and come a write comment an a title it “I know it all” and yuh don’t know shit yuh need fi spend time fi know a why yuh mada hole so salt fi gi birth to sumthn like you. The likkle gyal nuh f**k roun none a unu and all unu do a badmind and try bring har down. Unuh need fi go spen time find out how fi mek unuh owna money and stop badmind the gyal and har mada.

  30. Shanzi ugly like .. Plz all she have a nice shape mi a give her to 30 fi big n full a cellulite like r mumma plz ! Gtfoh with this shanzi nonsense I will give her that she’s smart she do her school work ! But Weh dat haffi do wid ntn she think she all dat n she nuh pretty none at all ! She fava the baboon Weh hold up Symba Ina lion king .. Let’s be serious shuggy might not have all the clothes n luxuries like shanice have but shuggy a pretty pretty pretty pretty prettier gal fi shanice and she shape good to ! Mi did know a some badmind thing mek dem stop chat cuz they were best friends smh but see the tea ya me did wa know a why I was the one who made the comment about sasco and shanzi it wasn’t shuggy ! Hahhaa but I love the tea
    Haha Ima messy ass Bih today

    1. you notice what u say 1.she smart and do her school work 2.she shape nice 3.have luxuries but “not pretty” poor you what else is a 19 year old suppose to be about? she not causing controversy like richrush and talking about sugar daddy etc you are not going to hate on shuggy cuz she has nothing to hate on. the things uno get up and hate people for is so sad

  31. Awwwh bwoy this post was about richrush aka poor rush cause u can’t be rich n dnt own a car n a house change your name bih to fakerush but anyways the met hot but dnt see how shanzi n shuggy drop in guess they use poorrush name to blast shanzi still sipping on the tea ☕

    1. Rush name is Richiean rushell tht where the richrush come een in her ig name. She sed it on snap it hav ntn to do with being rich. Chat to much man! Gyal a boh 19, u did hab cyar n house a 19?!! All unuh good fa a fi chat ppl move man. N shanzi name call cuz she was brought up in the post so smaddi drop r file n tht one was PURE FACTS Cuz tht a come from her ex frens.

  32. I don’t know this lil girl but God know she sick me. She under every “hot gyal” pic a comment pan ig a look friend. Me nu know wa kinda young gyal aspire fi be whore and scammer. All fine and dandy if she did a profit offa a it but it’s quite clear she not living better than anybody else. Everyday she get up bout how she scam man outta how much thousands and all now nobody can see it. The way she boasty we woulda know.
    Richie Ann don’t used to a raas thing and we can all see that. A talk bout she scam her ex outta dinner and money and the man sound like any dutti country man from woii woii whe sell bag juice. How she dress up fi airport cuz she a look a meal. No girl, it look like anybody can just feed nu cute. This girl de ya all summer talk bout she busy a clear things fi sell that’s why she nu travel but all she a do a clear 1 n 2 box a shipme…she clearly could’ve left it and come back. Not a trip she never get all summer till last week. And she need fi stop gwan like a one man she hv, different man a fly out and f**k out this likle gyal. So she can stop call the ppl dem “bae”. I mean, me nu mind her lil hustle cuz Jamaica is and will always be a 3rd world country but the way how she hype and a gwan like she a live some good gyal life when she KNOW anu so it go.
    U so excited fi go farin and every minute u de a Walmart. Seriously? Walmart is farin Bashco…dat a nu ntn fi show off with. Excited bout taking your first uber, lawd friten Friday…some things u fi keep to urself man.

    Stop run into ppl u girl. Go school. Eat u fruits. Wash u pussy and mind u own business. Ppl wouldn’t have so much to say bout u

    1. Den how she a look frien and u nuh see r wid dem a hang every weh? Ppl weh run into ppl u see dem a par doh? Atleast once nuh tru? U sound hurt mama. Since u seem to tune in on every rass ting u wud kno dat she travel boh 3 time a ready since the year start before the last trip weh u seem to b aware a. Kmttt like unuh big ppl nav ntn to do but watch d young pickney dem life. So sumn wrong fi hab mre dan man? u neva hab more dan 1 man yet? Talk truth ee. She young let her enjoy her life nuh pickney nah tie up r foot. N a nedda thing uber is like the new social media craze who wudnt be excited taking their first uber n sharing d experience pa snap?!

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