Met! Miami Ryda gone fi good!! Dem close d case Ina may it say pon d criminal database him a come out next 18 years . Jahhh know him dida try offa a d Tristan baker but dem end up find him out . Dem release him to the us marshalls fi do him time look like him take a plea. Him a come out when him a 50 met .




5 thoughts on “RYDA GET 18 YEARS

  1. Man a go continue rinse out him batty!
    Den again him used to it.
    Prado man used to f**k him a Spanish town. Him come yah in a F***y n in a jail!! Good fi him.
    I wonder weh Priscilla a gwaan wid

  2. Priscilla nuh deh wid the lickle short Chinese yute who drive one bmw that me hear she nah look pon Ryder sad case but him was to broke hype but a suh Priscilla like it cause me hear seh the new man Bruk and hype same like Ryder and him have him Ooman too she never get pick yet

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