1. Morning,that’s y me nah look r suffer fi them dumm seriously more bag low life dog’s.. No thinking about future.I hate to say I am Jamaican sometimes. U all need to stop bag n more bags

  2. What these folks don’t realize is that stealing or scamming or alwhayever it is that they do to impress themselves and the devil is not worth it. At the end of the day those things will not be remembered but the folks and companies that you robbed and the lives that suffered as a result of your wrong doing will haunt you for the rest of your natural life.

  3. This bitch sade a bout baby bag and the bills them pile up.. old thief me sleep out you bed fi the most a you jail time .big old fool Omar bring bare gal in a you bed..a baeeeeeeee

  4. The bitch start thief already..that’s her job she affi do it fi keep Omar cause him love likes ..a wind if she hear bout the side chick

  5. Omar who?? the Likkle boy weh she a breed up for and thief the things them fi mind him .a so she end up a prison…
    Me see Sade and she look like John crow a roast plantation fi her prison no grew with her a tall….. but Sade try keep the big old fat slab them off cause a the only good that you get out a the prisonment

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