1. him look crawny bad then why him a cry? them a act like him dead them can go look for him in deh.. him need to go visit kartel and make him buy him two braces.. him need to go brush hid teet

    1. Him FULL a tattoo tear drops to. It look like him should a hold a cell loooong time to rass. Long run, short catch.

  2. Story come to bump justice prevails…Ah FYAH fi dem bombo and all his followers FYAH under them bumbo…Bout dem a run down devil worshipper, those are the fools what mek black people haffi suffer so much cause they dont think for themselves them just jump pon the wagon fi be part of the crowd all when the wagon ago str88 inna hell… FOOLS NEVER KNOW THEMSELVES…

  3. GM all…kmt, is a rahtid bax Sadiki want. If him tink Kartel nuh belong deh, why him nuh go tek Kartel space? Caws dancehall nuh need him(Sadiki). Big rass clown

  4. well like how him a bawl so, I hope him can go a remand go suckkk off Kartel Cacky when him need him blow job them. It goes to show you how people think and that is why you can’t sorry fi none of them cause them woulda rather see a murderer get free just fi hear the two stupid song them fi him have.

    That is why so much f’rey gwaan a yard cause people don’t care about wrong or right, them only care bout their own selfish needs. Imagine all of the entertainer them get asked what they think about the case and none couldn’t answer and just seh that they hope that justice will prevail.

    The whole a them a beat round the bush bout them feel sorry fi him. That is why me can’t feel sorry fi none of them when things reach them.

  5. what a fcka muggly..lmao.. kartel do the crime so him have to suffer the consequences. by the way. a wha dem suppmn deh pon him face,,look like bun up jerk pork

  6. U know sey I have come to a realization that the most stupidest people a yard a kartel supporters… Now look pan dis grown man a bawl fi a nada man like him dead . Dem meck j’cans as a hole look stupid…kartel inna jail for ova two years, during that time him meck numourous songs, so mi no see weh dem a Gowan so fah, it’s not like him going to be silent him a go continue to make music, so if a dat dm a bawl ova den they should not worry. Mi jus sick a dem now.

    1. And him nuh suppose to a mek no music either..he should be banned from putting out any more music. He is a damn murderer, so he shouldn’t be allowed to profit from any new songs.

  7. a wah do dem fool yah, dancehall deh de before kartel and it will be there long after, food nuh rate you sadiki go sit your fat ass down somewhere

  8. WTF was that??? Is he serious??? I know at one point he was “signed” to Vybz Kartel’s label, but damn, he is taken it too far. Is this publicity to prove his adoration, admiration and love for Kartel??? Grown man, GTFOH!!!

  9. good day met

    good day metters

    sadiki go bawl off di fat offa you badi, u stay very bad like dung a orange street.

    sadiki u waah bade!!

    sadiki mi naah luk pon u cuz ppl weh really hurting no ave time a pick up phone a video demself.

    sadiki you lame, dem fi start call u suckidi, cuz a di cacky weh u cyaah suck wen u want a mek u cry, stop gwaan like a di song dem cuz kartel still a sing and dj like a bitch while him inna lock up.

  10. Him need feh go bawl feh a frigging werk. Fool-fool and illiterate like. This whole case seems to really hightlight what is wrong and right with Jamaica. What is wrong is that We have lost many of our young people to this devil worshipping murderer. What is right is our justice system stepped up to the plate and justice was served.

  11. Met please tell me say me eyes a deceive me…dis big taffuh ram really up ina camera a bawl like him mada dead…di time him tek deh deh a bawl over Kartel verdict him go buy two fence an brace up him chakka chakka teet kmt

  12. But look pon dis Rasshole bwoy. Innocent ppl DEAD inna JA & Abroad & yu huh ball fi dem! But dis MURDER you a cry living eye water ova?!?!
    Sadikki since you so worried mek sure you go a JA fi get yu conjugal visits wid Kartel since yu a gwan like BATTYMAN!!!

  13. Him look like him breath hot.. yuh need fi bawl fi di state a yuh oral cavity. me wouldn’t even want yuh lick a stamp fi mi

  14. Kartel batty man dem just a come out di wood works eeh man, di batty man a bawl like him muma dead, a wha dis fada

  15. Mi say JMG to world, every day mi wake up, mi just a laugh suh from the verdict read, mi too happy man, mi cyan bother wid them fool yere, heh hhaaayyyyy, ketch di head how it look like him meet in a bad accident, him brain damage, I want tek a screw driver and pull out him double row teeth cuz him have too much, bout u a bawl over man, and who suppose to bawl gone on vacation. Heh haaaaayyyyy.

  16. Met sandy buckas a fly down fih Easter Jamaica nuh good again she an her new man a fly down woii lucky nuh stop beg her fih tek him back but she nuh stop run him him sah him can’t find a next girl like she an all a the browning dem Dunn pan him a England so a bere black gal him affi a sex woii met sandy sah a pure modelling fih Easter woii.

  17. Sadiki a real punk…dancehall nah go no f**king where…..these young ppl need t :2thumbup :2thumbup :2thumbup o start read more and stop follow fashion….dem fool like… Skettel Palmer obeah no strong enough….lmfaooooooo…you think you money was tall enough…..awooohhhh

  18. Hello Metty, somebody cyan hold it and give a proper bathe? wash him hair, brush him teeth, cut finger and toe nails, plus clean out him ears.. after dat put on him pampers, powder him neck then give kartel hood fi suck pon….. f**king ignorant rasshole!

      1. Ma Met, it look like him and cell life we do well. How much life fi him tattoo dem account fah?

  19. N*gga if yu school pon dance hall you would know sey yu fi a CRY fi youth dem whey nu have no daddy, Cry fi de youth dem whey nu have no Madda, Cry fi youth dem whey nu have no kakki, Cry fi de youth dem whey nu have no money….”Supa Cat Dan Dadda of DANCEHALL”

    I need to slap dis crying man bitch wid a whet baggy…

  20. @Met, a fuss me laff so from maaaning, mek unu bad suh oba yah?..Besides dumbell sadiki who a luk a hype, di comment from yawdie4life, mash up me medzzzzz….*tears***

  21. Sadiki dis prove seh you a batty man fi true. You a ball ova Kartel like a you man. De tall brown man sey fi tell you sey that why im never want you cau you no look fresh an clean an you a no fi im type! Undercover battyman.


  23. DWFL….really sadicky really…when yu battyman dancer fren dem did chop yu in a yu face round a weddy weddy , did kartel come defend it? Yu fugly nuh bloodclaa…th…go learn fi read and write yu sick people stomach….yu look like yu want somebody hold yu dung and throw some ajax, little degreaser wid some bleach and give yu a good scouring wid piece a scotch brite…

  24. I swear these ppl must have been paid to say what they’re saying. Kartel has been locked up now for more than 2 yrs AND DANCEHALL NEVA STOP. A waahpen to this fool. the dances, the stage shows, the concerts, the boat rides, the bus rides the picnics, the pool parties went on just the same & it shall continue. Me no know of no dancehall event that got cancelled or was placed on hold pending Kartel’s release. Goes to show unnu is just some freakin zombie weh caan tink fi unnu self. KMT. to unnu dismay unnu was hoping him woulda drop a road fi wet unnu dry throat wid champagne. NOT.

  25. Him look so dutty & stink bout him a bawl fi man..go bade off yuh dutty body & brush yuh dutty teeth cuz yuh mouth look stink. A must Kartel hood yuh miss inna di back a yuh throat & him balls a bounce pon yuh chin mek u a bawl fi him gweh from ya so batty bwoy suckdicky

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