21 thoughts on “SAFREE SEH WENDY IS A MAN

  1. He just cant catch a break. Mi feel say Nicki got him blacklisted now this witch a come try chat fawt…He doing everything independently and I hope in the end he wins big. Hip-hop has no respect for dancehall music or Jamaicans for that matter so good luck to him.

    1. I think so too. Him did have a catchy tune dat didn’t really get no traction. He is good-looking with a great body too. But is whole heap a battyism in music business and if you no willing to do nutten immoral dawg nyam u supah. At least wid him struggling wi know no man nah ride him or stretch out him mout, nuff wid dem fame and money caan seh dat.

  2. Man to man mi raaass. Mi not picking up fi Safaree cause him a Jamaican. Safaree is a gal so it’s ironic how him a call man. Live off a Nicky like leech and a try sue har fi har things when them leff old dutty crobait why him nuh go look wuk? Go lift block!

  3. A now him member him a jamaican when nicky left his rass but glad he knows wendell is a dick. Him cute nicky held him down welcome back.

  4. Lol!!! I thought it’s a man too nothing feminine about him. Happy for the confirmation. Man to man got me Lol!!!!

  5. Even if the man get a million out a Nicky that would be great, the man invested his time. Now Nicky gone, right now if him buss a unnu same ungry belly a go run him dung

  6. Grung an mi nah git up. The man seh “Listen sir man to man. :ngakak Safee next time I want u to proofread before u post.

  7. Mi say mi know a did wah man eno no real ooman inna real life nuh stay so bad. Straight so wid big titty. NO!

    1. She’s actually a woman she gave birth to a child she just big and tall and she messed with her face a lil, i thought wendy show was on hiatus till September so when dem remarks yah pass?

  8. Ppl just need to let the damn man live! He never forgot his roots one bit he always say JA. He basically put his life on hold for her career and now this big tuff man Wendy way try bring him down kmt!I loved how he addressed it.

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