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  1. Andre Omar Duffus, aka breda, you ina d u.s army an you a 1 big disgrace to the army and as a man. a you wear d skirt ina yuh relationship an yuh jus badmind me me mada an me sista. d time you tek fi send d messages you should a send in d voicenotes whe me send you too battyboy. ya talk bout obeah it soun like yuh mada carry you go obeah man fi yuh reach a farin an yuh conscience a ride yuh mek ya try transfer yuh guilt to we. memba d days when my mada stop nuff hungry fi yuh an tek care a yuh pickney dem. yuh used to teif out me mada food everyday cause hungry a box yuh. me mada was 19 an ur mada a big ooman an couldnt afford a stove, a my mada gas stove mek uno stop use coal, a my mada feed yuh family nuff night to d point whe she affi walk wid r burner ina r handbag cause uno a teif out r food out a pot an a dun d lil gas when she gone a work. you an yuh ugly wife a cum talk bout poop ina when yuh fi memba say a bare poop ina brief shoes an clothes yuh mada used to bring back from work fi u. uno neva know say lizzy 2daughter dem would a strive so. me house build up an me send u d image of me house an how it a build why yuh neva put up dat? whe yuh no tell d people dem say a box debbie box yuh wid r dutty pad an she have secret fi yuh make u affi a defend r, tell d ppl dem say after d vnotes yuh shut up cause yuh cya tek d heat. uno badmind me sista cause she have 16subject an deh a lawschool doing well an neva tek up a fone an borrow na beg no money fi pay ar tuition an true she a d first lawyer outta d family, d first one fi go college an d first one fi get subjects an ano none a your siblings dem get it yuh badmind. yuh deh a farin how much years an no own a house, a rent yuh still a pay an if dem fi fling yuh out ya right now yuh no have nowhe fi go cause ntn no out ya fi yuh. ya cum talk bout 120u.s, 120u.s cant even buy a slippers offa me much less one a me outfit dem, mek me gi u a run down my draws an bra alone a victoria secret, el marton sandals me wear, an a england all a me clothes dem buy, an if me step ina a store a ja me na drop less dan 40k fi shopping, none a we neva travel yet but we been places by the clothes whe we wear an d money whe we a spend, not even d extensions ina me head yuh cya buy. everyting whe deh a farin deh a pricemart an me play whe me supermarket so when ya go talk say ya live life think again suck pussy bredda. yuh grudge me fi di pound whe me a get an tru my worst days better dan best years yuh hurt. nobody cya tell me say yuh na get f**k ina yuh batty cause everything ya chat bout yuh sidung an make up. an me tell yuh say yuh no know a whe ya run ina eno but yuh tink a joke. yuh see ya cratches cause huh even involve me fada an him neva know whe a gwaan ina me familly. yuh fi tell yuh wife say yuh send phone a jamaica, a galaxy s4 come gi gyal, she a worry d babymada when d babymada move on, a d next gyal dem she fi worry bout. she a talk bout a gym she go loose weight when gym no mek ppl face suck dung so, a stress she stress an suck out an a use gym as sham like she happy. d two a uno cum suck out me, me mada an me sister pussy and suck out me son battyole dry. people listen to d vnotes whe me sen in. a shame d bwoy shame.

    1. Samantha, next time ya trace someone, doe use yuh pickney fe style dem up. Do NOT tell anybody fe come suck out yuh son battyole ca di way this world ah run, some wacko might take yuh literally..Samamtha darling, at this point just call it fish tea and lowe dem ca dem naah guh neva see the bigga picture….Debbie, teen know bout the otha lady weh yuh husband ah mine?? Why yuh doe text her on the Galaxy S4 weh yuh husband buy gi ar suh she can ansa yuh properly eeh ma? :hammer

  2. Poor ting, them cyan trace fi save them life, but yuh si miss Jane, Debbie ,sinting weh she have over her yaad wid him baggy weh the lastic stretch out. come back over yah, if u think have on yuh panty wid the hole weh full it up like bullet, mek me and you have a 2 sound clash up in here, the worst ting to me. is a maa- ma man, weh carry twish twash and twilash, bout yuh join in a woma labrish and come trace

    1. Sketel bam, Samantha really guh easy pon him…mi did ah expect ah serious trace dung. Cah ef dat deh one seed tear drawers Bredda hevva get ah shelling from some ah dem yah bloggers pon JMG him woulda affi tek honorable discharge from di US Harmy due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, change him name an find another Continent…:ngakak Run lef all di wife weh a style him pickney…….

          1. Metty 1st, Simplicity 2nd, Phantom 3rd, You 4th, Chuetty 5th…I will gladly cheer on from the sideline :hammer

          2. Cyaah figot Mamacita; fi ar talk dem nuh nawmal none at all!!!! Love when Mamacita trace____________________________________________

          3. You an Cheut hold di 3rd space steadily, Phantom 4th an Bam deh ah 5th. Meantime mi hab mi notebook out a tek notes cah mi haffi repeat a few classes :ngakak

    1. Bam tell Samantha say she can report di husband to di army mek dem send har di right amount whey she fi get fi child support . Samantha write di U.S army since dem waa play big and unno cyah cuss like dem..Hit him where it hurts really bad

      1. Use up unno farrin credit and computer find how fi get di money u will get it fi sure oo…dont fight or argue wid him jus deal wid him pocket..Di wife is too brite and out of order….since him a class up shop say him house have more food dat means him know unno nuh deh pan nothing….write to the army straight

        1. Mi jus a see say she may haffi go get lawyer but she can do just that…in the long run she will get much more than 120

          1. All backpay tuh. No long talking when it come on to the children and dem rightfully due child support…and bredda fe know dis…where it concerns family support issues of this nature, the military takes these matters very seriously…ah dat bredda gladys and devil debbie fe know

          2. But I cannot understand how him so bright fi a send $120 go jamaica and a talk bout dem hungry when he isnt feeding his child

          3. An like how di likkle sista inna law school shi can use dat resource fi help get dis ting moving. Since ah Bredda same one seh im ah live good life ah foreign…den him fi put him money weh him mouth deh.

          4. Metty, probably not even that…Bredda Gladys goodly alla get the military child benefit pay ana send $120.00 gi the baby madda ana pocket the rest…story soon come to bump ma’am…

  3. The bed bug Chink,aka Bredda need fi feel it in the pocket deep where it hurts, wutiss piece a dull cutlass, if is even $250.00 a month him should a give the pickney, bout the people them cyan walk ina u wife shoes, mi nuh know who waan walk in Debbie slippery shoes after him done walk in deh

    1. But Bammy, yuh nuh hear Samantha seh Bredda Gladys ah wear the panty liner, pad, g-string, skirt, belly skin shirt, batty ridas, the whole nine…suh dat means him is also wearing the glass slippers…ah mussi Debbie ah wear di ole mud up military boot, ole brute!!

  4. It woulda bad an nuh two bad ef Big drawers Bredda did only ah walk inna Dunglerat Debbie shoes…..dat one seed bwoy still ah wear dem. Im gwine wear more dan har boot dem when him commanding offica send call him wen di child support call ketch deh. Breddddder ah notice uuno kinda quiet oba deh….yuh run outa wrerds :ngakak

    1. Cat gots dem tongue Yawdy…dem jus tek JMG fe mixup alone when dem fe know seh JMG is well informed, versatile and up to par on every matter..Church Mouse!!!…come talk up now!! Yuh soon stand at attention man!! Yuh might all need di lawyer sista fe come defend yuh once the military gets wind of this shitiation….

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