A The Girl This Who Beat Up Pat lennox? Happi’s mom aka samar X boss a your good good baby father new girl this? Him no have no taste. You want see the happy family pon faster lane a day time. Him, Him Son, she and her kids. The only ones missing are you and happi. But stay where you are me hear say the gal have a wicked kick ask pat.


0 thoughts on “SAMAR X YUH MATE LOOK A WAY

  1. No man he’s gay. This is the 2nd man looking gal he’s with. You X and now that. Somebody need Fi run him profile something no right.or I should say ”


    1. JMG do PSAs too ! :hn lolol

      ” But stay where you are me hear say the gal have a wicked kick ask pat.”

  3. Question, is this X man r baby father. Cause there’s a difference. Next no woman want to hear bout har man n a next to say u/ her don’t care that’s a lie.

  4. Wait, didn’t X babyfada lives in NYC? Cause all a the post them wey X put up mek it look like she and him have a great relationship and he is here in America. Somebody enlighten me please..

  5. Samar your baby father is a dutty rass. Stop live in a fantasy world. Don’t ever forget how and when him breed you. Too f**king hype over nothing. Come off a ig and go do something with yourself. What did you expect from a boy who don’t want work. A Boy Who f**k ur Ugly Rass Raw The First Time Him See you. Be real bitch. Is a f**king batty man breed you gal. No body don’t want you are him. I at act like a good good man u get. No body with a brain don’t want dutty Lennox. From them see you them a run. Thats why him have to settle for that one

  6. The man live a Jamaica with him woman. R did cause this one new. That boy is nothing to post up bout.

  7. Any real good relationship don’t need social media. In secure women do those type of things. Samar herself is uncomfortable bout the relationship that y she post every little bout him n your baby. U need to stop.

  8. Him look dam happi. Lmao never see him and samar look so in a pic yet. Boy miss boss a so it go. Guess you are not the boss anymore.

  9. Watch yah a long time Lennox deh wid pat lmao pat and Samar X none a dem look … Editor gyal Samar stop big up yuh baby father him only want yuh go back up when him visa up u have what it takes to back him up when Lennox board di plane come a foreign a who u ting look after him son Lennox jr ….woieeeee him first baby Madda bobo a Texas look better dan Lennox 2 man looking woman & baby mada , Samar him gone home a Ja and left u here wid happi a hope him tell yuh how him family seh how u look like man .

  10. Every body know say Samar look like a man. I went to his brother wake and saw her and a real man me a look pon. Him look more like a gal than her. Lennox a doggggg. Him and samar deserve each other. Him walk and use women who can buy him a plate of food. Lennox use to talk to this girl and she but him a ticket to come to ny and him never go see the girl. Him sit with X never come back a south looking like dog shit. Didn’t even look back pon him son. Now samar what bout him you a braggg bout. But we have to see with you. Bc nobody don’t want you. You suck both dick and pussy. Woman like u should be band from having kids.

  11. X X X where are you? I don’t see you no where in that picture if you ask me happi daddy looks happi for the first time in a long time. Somebody is making him happi and its not you and happi lol.

  12. Y’all bitches up in ppl business n can’t even construct a good sentence..!! If y’all gonna speak bad about a person u must at least know how to read n write “don’t be a dunce critic” roll eye y’all mother f**kers need a life bum ass bitches!!

  13. @idfwu y ur man looking friend don’t keep her ugly nasty as quiet. Yes bitch how about that. If she wasn’t a social media bitch nobody would give a f**k bout her. Bitch

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