A bisexual Jamaican trying to persuade immigration officials in the United Kingdom how gay he was, by presenting even photographs to prove his lifestyle, was flatly denied asylum status and is to be deported.

THE weekend STAR understands that 34-year-old Orashia Edwards, who says he faces danger in his native Jamaica because of his sexuality, will be deported soon, despite having received death threats.

According to, Edwards had told British authorities he could be killed if he is returned to Jamaica because he is bisexual.

Edwards, who is currently being held at Morton Hall immigration removal centre, Lincolnshire, was refused refugee status in December 2013 when an asylum tribunal refused to accept he was bisexual.

He has since been embroiled in a long-running appeals process to have the decision overturned.

THE weekend STAR gathered that Edwards is not without support in Britain.

Reports are that his supporters insist he has had relationships with men as well as women, including his current same-sex partner, with whom he has been in a relationship with for around two years.

Edwards, who spoke to the media from detention, said an asylum tribunal had rejected his claim that he had been in a relationship with a man in Antigua, where he lived for a time before coming to the UK.

He believes his matter was dealt with unjustly because he couldn’t remember details of the relationship.

Edwards also said he believed the Home Office had unfairly weighted against his claim the fact that he had been married to a woman and has a young daughter.

Our news team gathered that a letter from his then partner, confirming they were an item, had been refused.

Edwards acknowledged he was fearful for his life.

He was quoted as saying, “In Jamaica, there is a huge amount of homophobia. If you go into the dancehalls and the clubs, they play music saying ‘If you are a … man, you get a bullet in the head. If you are a … man, you are condemned. If I go back I will be tortured, I will be killed for sure. Because my case has been covered in Jamaican media, there will be no way for me to hide. I’ve already received death threats on social media, people say I’m making the country look bad.”

His mother, who is a resident of the UK, also said her son will be left without any form of support in Jamaica.


  1. I dont beleieve he’s gay. capleton say from yuh see dem yuh we know dem. Him is NOT gay.

  2. We sell depends a Jamaica if a dat de support him a look. Jamaica isn’t a nation that requires one to be granted refuge status; homophobic fire bun when onu fas wid de pickney dem!

  3. Why ppl always act like going back to Jamaica is going into di depth of hell? Mi nah fight to stay inna no foreign country enuh, maybe mi just too proud. If a yawd, a juss suh. Dem will even tell like pon dem sexuality fi tan eena white man land..kmt.

  4. Him is a fake battyman him cant remember details of him nastiness in him batty relationship dat is why dem deport him, and nobody dont trouble batty man in a jamaica look how dem bright in a kingston all a call after yuh like a woman when you past dem.

  5. I think he has battyman tendencies. For a yard man to want to be in another country so badly that he will publicly proclaim himself to be a battyman when he isn’t a battyman, means that he has battyman tendencies and there is nothing he won’t do including selling his batty, to get papers or money.
    All the Jamaican men wey a claim battyman status to gain asylum are all battyman even if dem nuh start practice the lifestyle yet. A real man will never do that shit. A real man a guh find a white woman or smaddy fi marry to or try anything instead of the public proclamation of being a battyman.
    Dem need fi beat him when he returns to Jamaica, not because he’s a battyman but because him need a rass beating fi duh wey him duh.

  6. Dude? Come back a you yaaad no body naaah trouble you. Just don’t front up wid it and you good. Look how much Fish a swim down a Jamaica and nobody don’t even see them? People sell dem soul fi live a farrin to rass.

  7. how the mother so wicked man bout she wish it was another son and wont see him again she cant fly go look for him… nuh wonder him ting f**k up my god

  8. Smdh… I feel his pain. There are numerous documentaries in regards to how homosexuals are mistreated in Jamaica. It is no secret that MAJORITY of island is anti-gay(when they want to be). I’ve seen homosexuals walking around my city without a care in the world but that was because they had money and by giving these “bad man” their money, is how the gained respect. So I can truly understand his fear of going back especially since he has no money and no family there.

    1. Did you see the documentary on the gully queens? Well, shortly after, said homosexuals who so fear for dem life beat up de near cripple sympathizer who filmed the documentary :ngakak

      Gwan wid yu fake ass propaganda onu love tell pon me Island nation. We could give a damn if onu breathing so long as onu leave the damn male children alone and stop tek women fi cover up onu batty issues. Me want onu come out and form onu community cause we do need some fashion designers and interior designers on the scene.

  9. never heard of any cases of anyone being locked in ja cos they are ja, There are lots of other worse homophobic countries that don’t tolerate guys ie, Uganda, gambia, Malawi and majority of the African countries. This guy does seem abit camp, the uk government does need to draw the line regarding this issues, Nuff gays living in ja now

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