7 thoughts on “SANTA WID NO CLAUSE

  1. More like Santa with no Class!Gayle n Bolt are the embodiment n perfect representation. ..that a bhutoo in a Benz is still a bhutoo!

    1. A so dem gwaan when dem get likkle money…weh big man like him a go inna 2017 wid cornrow and blonde out beard kmt…look like any clown.

    2. Chris Tacky bad. bolt now, not sure he embodies Bhutto in a Benz. He’s enjoying the exposure he’s never had, he’ll soon slow back down. But Chris really is a Bhutto in a Benz. Can’t argue wid u there at all.

  2. These celebrities surrounded by a lot of fake ppl who are afraid to tell them the truth because them have them money. Now unnu see why the Pink wall relevant

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