Jamaican born sprinter for the United States is pregnant with her first child. The child will arrive this summer


    1. Sell out??!?!? She left Jamaica from she about 11 or 12 – really?

      Iz American organization sponsor her throughout her whole track career from she a pickney so please to tell me how sell out drop in


      Happy For them!!!

      1. Maximum respect PTS for speaking ur truth.I have no issue with someone not liking or feeling someone else based off their opinions. ..but I prefer to use facts in determining how I feel one way or the other about anyone or anything!

        The fact is that Sanya has rep Jamaica to the fullest the whole time she deh a merika.Google n see the massive giveback n charity work she’s done a yard. Vaz prep can attest.ive seen at least Five 5 clips over the years of her gushing over Jamaica n her plans to help#facts.

        Most importantly it’s a baby!!I can’t stand a bone in ms.kitty but I would be the first to sincerely congratulate her if by some way somehow she a breed! !Babies are such a blessing so till even ur enemy having baby ought to make yuh joyous! !bless up sanya n mr.ross!

  1. I don’t care which American would move to Jamaica and run for Jamaica. None, I see Reggae boys born and grow a England with Jamaican Parents and still play for Jamaica. Me personally I don’t like her very show off and extra. Patriotism is not as important to her as the money, good luck to her

    1. Nuh use di reggae boyz comparison cause a true dem nuh good why dem come play fi Jamaica. The ones who are any good choose England over we(Raheem Sterling and Sturridge etc.)

  2. She may run for America but she appears to never forget/deny where she come from…
    Congrats to her and her husband. And her sister also just had a baby! Such a great start to the year for their families!

  3. Good for her and safe delivery and and all that jazz. Just not a fan of hers for some odd reason and she is very patriotic and very pro jamaica but for some reason my spirit can’t get into her personality maybe I was turned off by her reality tvshow and that ghetto ass yankee family she married into.

  4. Congrats to her and her hubby! She’s right… he’s waited long enough.

    Unnuh too good. She was basically raised in the US and even if she was raised in Jamaica and got the opportunity to run for the US wtf is the big deal??? Which one of u would honestly pass up an opportunity to provide for yourself, your family and give back to a country that you love… NONE of u… whether u want to admit it or not.

    I will never forget when she went back to her school in JA. She encouraged those kids not to give up and reminded them that she too was once where they were. Also, this is NOT about whether or not u like her. It is about one of the most BEAUTIFUL experiences life has to offer. SMDH

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