1. Same ting!!!…I’ve got nutten more to say on this shyt…man see dem true colors, that’s why we lose off a nuff of dem.

    Wally b yuh is a fake ass punk ass wicked witch! Clear ur name fassy yute cuz settling to be known as a weed teef is a billion% better than a attempted rapist. Weed teef fi get 4yrs in jail but pedophiles must be killed using 4methods.

    1. Not a wurd YardieT, not one. See how she expose har self! 3 lbs could a gwan. Cause the youth a “kotch” a har yard him fi juggle fi har too fi space pon concrete floor and gas fumes…kmt she ludddy.

      She never appeal to me much wid har market oman antics. Publuc figure no fi in a illegal activities.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh garshhhhhh Wally a betta u HOL IT as Alkaline would say “careful” u might dig u self into a ditch whey u caaaa climb out smh

  3. From day one mi kn a weed uno tink wally a saint mi hear sum tings wah wally a dou uno would a fraid noh teck wally simple wally a closet whore an tief

  4. thief never love fe see thief with long bag. there was just too much fakeness about her. now your secret is out. WALLY BRITISH YOU DUNN.

  5. I told you from yesterday I had a strong feelings a weed the boy thief fi har and from yuh see somebody a go the lengths and breath that she was going and even some a di comments mek mi did confirm sey a weed. You on social media a wish fi people get deported by trump yuh better stop weh yuh a do cah the feds have yuh file now.

  6. Teaaaaaaaa anyone :cendols :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: Wally i suspected cause you were hyping & mixeing too much from the other day story come to bump once your in no return.

  7. Libra men love set people up no joke! Just make them see you have something worth taking and you shall see LOL… They never have money yet. I would never date one. Can’t save a dollar to save their lives. One thing tho they will not leave their family so easily; As for W-B I knew when I read it something was not right about it especially the part about the two pie pie… Isn’t that a tool?

  8. Nuff a uno dont kn how dese ppl wah uno tink a sumbady live wally is no saint wally a dou nuff trust me a nuff me hear , shi no angel dats why no matter wah ppl sah, shi noh really answer cause shi fraid her real life cum out yes shi dou nuff fi ppl an all dese tings but wally is no saint

  9. So she was stupid enough to call out the Guy on Social Media about him thief? and this is what she used her platform to do? Never you grudge anyone because you don’t know HOW they get their things, Social media is going to be the death of some a you, I thought she was going around hosting parties and making her money? Oh well. BIG STINKING RED FLAG MY GIRL.

  10. A weh di mumma rass a gwan yah suh? Wally yuh fi get “red flag” How yuh call di man out and yuh inna bad dealings? No man mek mi draw a seat fi dah one yah. Walllllllyyyyyyy yuh business deh a road!!!

  11. WOW…..I got a question for you am dating a Libra girl that seem to have the same traits (never have money yet,can hardly save),so does this apply for the females too?

  12. a bet the man them texas that she rob aguh want them money from har now that this buss out, red flag fi yuh wally yuh dig ole fi di yute an a u drop in deh f%kn ediot

  13. But all dem brave fi a put this out pon social media.. lord deliver us !
    cuz mi seet clear a bay mad ppl a walk round!

  14. Wally I told you yesterday that you would expose yourself, if you don’t bring the story correct. You have a son BIG RED FLAG FOR YOUR ACTIONS!! Hype and social media will be the death of you. Coming on social media seeking attention when you wrong as hell, you on here talking about pie, pie and all these things. You just expose not only you but people in your circle, hotter clapse is coming, go inside and chill for a bit.When people have dem mouth on you the end result is never good. Take my silly advise.

  15. Him damn wrong fi bruk har foot,bout even if him rob her a true she rob man a Texas. So mek him never go rob dem too? Red eye ungrateful b!tch of a man

  16. @ Anonymous 15
    Libra man? Try Aquarius people like Wally. They are smooth talkers. They very persuasive people and deadly. Most of them that I know are very bad minded. They dont like to see you doing better than them. They use people a lot to get what they want. Oh, they will be your best friend and they will pree your ways and snatch your identity. They love attention and popularity. They crave that because they feel it’s all about them only. They some flaky asses too. You think Geminis are bad? Them worst than Geminis. If they see you shine more, they will do things and say things to make people think differently of you.

    They feel they are the only ones to have it. I was wondering why people make this dry head gyal into somebody. When I see people like her being popular, it’s always something illegal. The hype definitely doesn’t fit her at all. She have the nerve fi talk about RED Flag. She have the SIREN Alarm ringing all around her.

    Now, I know why that Preps girl dissed her bout Wally took her style. Thats what Aquarius people do. They pree you copy you and run with it like a dem come up with it. They so persuasive they make people believe they are so righteous. They don’t bark but they sure play the victim. Very Slick people. They are undercover whores. When I met someone who is an Aquarius I stay far from them. I dont get close to them at all.

  17. Wait deh Suh di gal bruk 3 man foot a Texas an brag bout it pan di media……Den come post seh a man bruk back yuh foot?……. Social media Mek dem do anything cause dem try an keep up wid di likes poor ting. What a mess! Wally yuh looooooooou!! den again mi Neva rate yuh a mussi one a yuh video mi eva watch no lie an a yasso it post.

  18. Anon #22

    Yes! Same thing for the females but a little subtle. They are people who really cannot save; spend everything at the same damn time. If they are smokers or drinkers their personalities changes when they drink. Loyal people again they will not abandon their families but there is always that one friend that will bring them down that they will not leave alone! They will spend your money as if it’s there own and they never ever have money, never!! Only into you for a short period of time if there is nothing to get from you then their communication with you is limit to none. Libra traits are bad… Especially with their over spending and gambling, LORD!!

  19. Wally fi get dip! Reg flag fi her. When people live their life on social media they will be brought down with social media. She will soon lose her fans, her fame and all that shes worked for. All she does is talk about good and bad, and who fi get DiP, and who should get red flag, all when she is living a life as a drug dealer. Duttt gal!!! Unno fi stop support her, make her depend on the weed to survive, or go find a job like the rest of us.

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