19 thoughts on “SASSSSSS NO MAN

  1. hmmm, i’ve decided to challenge myself by identifying something positive in this post…. her eyebrows are well arched. that’s it. GN

  2. She can do both podiatrist and dermatologist because her skin needs attention as well. Cute girl. God bless her n all of us!

  3. Kiss mi granny neck back! My gurlll. Dem hoof deh! Meck dem fava di wildebeest own whey live pan di serengeti? :cd :cd

    Look, if u have issues wid u foot (an u clearly areeeeee) beg u check one docta..ASAP. Until den beg yuh fi low di hoof pic dem. :malu2

    Tonks! :thanks2

  4. Oh my why did she not do surgery on the foot. I know makeup change people. But she is dead as pork with contamination. Bet she got worms under them nails. Her man belly strong. N back. Some gyal say dem hot. Never denial of what your patents made you. How can you love yourself yet not respect nor love self-esteem low price guarantee y start from the top. Stop make frediie from elm street live in them toes. I been reading most of the post. I learn not to talk wat my harm or hurt me. Bitterness envy hate Jamaican people have mostly stems from Dancehall links. Sad. So bitter empty vessels. This girl agent in like a hurricane never once to think all of her friends need to wear a bullet proof vest. you don’t cross this upside down transite dwl

  5. Sexy gal Quinty I know her personally she is genuinely a really nice lady. Bad mind a go kill oonu. Show me a perfect woman. Nuff of oonu a same way a do your belly breasts and batty and still nuh look good. At least when Quinty put on her clothes she tun heads. Always look sexy fresh and clean. Black people we need fi stop put each other down. So what if thats the case if her foot stay so. At least she can fix dem. How many of oonu can fix oonu face and body KMRCT.

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