Mannaz and respeck Met…Mi just want know if @B.o.o.d.z (Tamieka) still a f**k Brits wey keep 100 bottles and him sey him and Shootie fr @Yungkingzent a fren. Den nuh shootie baby mada dis wey put him out wah day? #toomuchsauce

9 thoughts on “SAUCY SAUCY

  1. Not again sender!!! It neva work weh day an it nah work tideh! Shootie fxck and duck yuh, or a Brits? Wah Boodie do yuh?

    Let go and let God sender, take it to the Lord in prayer!

  2. Lmao…Tameka u fava eediat….a wey u get so much spare in a u back… you see how u look ole and tuff…

  3. Mi bumbo! A wey dis whore fava…lmao…Gal face tuff eeh…..All wey yaah do suck pussy Carlton still a bun u, memba him fuk gal in u Nissan wey yaah struggle fi pay fah…Shame u shame and a put on a show…Mi nuh wrong u yaah stick wid d evil wey u knw…U knw Shootie a whore fr longtm so just wk wid it goodie

  4. Lmao….Shootie nuh luk so good again….Boy mawga dung wah day wen me see him a chillin’….Like Boodie still a stress him out & put him out.

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