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  1. Kingston fava Oracabessa,him mawga legs wid big foot mek him fava hockey stick. He looks like off brand lastik or is lastik an off brand kingston?

  2. Mi want cry so a this man hood mikeisha a suck in Walgreens parking lot child me want to box you. This up top not one thing is attractive about this man look at his face too I want to vomit

  3. She might not be the prettiest thing out there and the men might not be the cutest thing out there but whatever this woman is doing she stay getting dem…

    1. Buying buddy is how she dweet. She is a consumer of dancehall buddies and she nuh discriminate about size,stiffness or effectiveness.

  4. So a this man and jicon with the husband Ina rat race. Met need a pic of the husband pls. It look like she have a particular type of men she like slim, bleach out love tight pants and hype. A boy ya look like one mouse. Annette word of advise you stay bad and ugly then you go pick up two stay bad man that’s a lot of stay bad

  5. Kingston a f**k Mikeisha over a year now a did her one time friend who did a f**k Dave Junglist did hook them up but him did tell the friend him never too interested because she not good looking and she have belly. When she and the friend did vex the friend buss it out and Mikeisha a Gyal who love get cocky inna her batty suh Kingston yuh gone to the dogs

  6. She get them but the men she getting jicon, Kingston and breddy look at those men would you date them can you bring those men to your mother r around your kids what are they going to show them how to wear tight pants like gal and bleach out them body and thief *sigh*

  7. So wait @10:45 no this crazy this man up top no look better than jicon nor breddy so how him gone to the dogs. That gal is a dog herself to go f**k on her husband and them are themselves to go lay with it so if you ask me they are all dogs

  8. Mekiesha bad like ole rotten sore from she a pickney, she nuh better than Annette, only thing different is that Annette married, and the husband is minster of mining, while Annette stay grinding, both Moi from Drews Land, and Norma Gutherie from Maverly bring 2 daawg shit into the world, there is nothing dem gal yere nuh do, so people like me weh know them b4 them born nuh waan hear nothing from them bout not even a dead John crow, cuz Mekiesha pass both, dog, and John crow stage long time, what is leff for her to do, plus she and Annette was bestie, show mi u company mi tell u who u r, nuh better herring nuh better barrel, birds of a feather flocks together, uno sick all vomit stomach. No big up to nuh a them ole dead dog shit and crow bait from me, mi know them, suh mi nuh know a weh dem aguh wid the body weh full a germs. Kmdt, and cut my frigging yeye.

  9. I hate a man that chat woman kingston why talking about her then you go sleep with her.If you did look good it wouldnt mine but you stay just like smh these type of men female choose.I hope annette husband see that is time for him to leave and go find a lady that respect herself.I would love to see what the husband look like.

  10. Kingston hand dem look sticky .. a suh dem man ya cum a farrin n mash up dem self , mi kno him frm him blk … shame fi him

  11. I salute and appreciate you Annette, Apple and the nursing student!!! Keep up the good work and keep dem kinda man yah so occupied that dem doh have time to interfere with nice clean and unsuspecting women!!! Thank you :2thumbup

  12. Happle yuh life a loooooou doe….cause all mi woulda siddung inna mi bed lastnight and really evaluate mi life and see wah mi do wrong… a swear! cause dis a one a di ugliest mate mi eva see….imagine fi yuh do up an look so good a come from di factory and yuh husbin really go find dat and sleep wid…him tek di time out a huunnu life an duh dat…why him dweet???? yuh have a razor? no use di eyebrow one dat will work…now slit yuh wrist….lay down suh di blood can flow out quicker….cah yuh nuh have no use a swear….how yuh fi a bring een all gal inna yuh bed come gi di man an him still a go road???? no man sumting throw weh desso inna u hole? dem nave nuh surgery fi fix hole? imagine yuh fix yuh teeth an put een dem big ass choppers and not even suck yah suck it right….. no man!!!! Dis need fi go pan di front page more ppl fi see dem yah breed a bun cause a history dis.

  13. @11:20 germs why the f**k yuh a call up the gal dem madda name f**king crosses seems like Mikeisha and Keisha really a hurt up yuh head u a Bloodclatte bring the girl dem madda inna ur shit. Why yuh NUH crawl back up inna yuh madda big pussy and lost up deh. Mo hate bitches like u a draw the big respectable woman dem inna unu vendetta.

  14. A yah so nice mi just a join in Annette a gwan like she innocent and she use to f**k kwesi from queen

  15. No sah Annette man list long mon fi a married woman! A ss much man she one a tek ….is a business she a run

  16. Yes you dirty girl Annette, KWESI my stop style yu, how much yu UGLY and yu head game wack fi a big mouth Gyal. A full time yu stop full out New York and New Jersey, try a different state now…

  17. Boy kwesi f**k everybody is a dog like ugly Annette no man this a tea yah nice it need more ppl cause mi never knw a so Annette bad

  18. Yes annette f**k kwesi fi true , the bwoy did a go block mail har and she end up did of to pay the boy some money fi him nuh leak the video when she a suck him hood, she love mine man all har husband little money weh him have she used it and mine the man them, she act has if she’s the biggest and hottest thing a jersey when she a walk pan road ,just like how har mouth big a so har p***y big because the amount a man weh a f**k she different size dick give big p***y , Annette seh she’s jersey celebrity where??? Annette because you is the ugliest thing walking on two foot. Har husband dog har out the other day when him find out about the hair dresser boy a Bronx , yes she a f**k the hair dresser boy to them call him (stichey) ,all the boy do a used har him have up him good up wife the wife find out about har and contanct Annette husband . Story come bump to be continued ……..

  19. @ I know it all, me nah ask Christ if yu nu have har file ready to spill the deed. Me ready and waiting fi di full file.

  20. Miss Educated Annette! Intellectual speaking,If you were a loyal friend to mikeisha, how comes this bullshit escalate so far? A real friend never wishes bad or talk bad about another friend. As far as I am concern, it seems to me, that you want to choose the type of men for mikeisha. Which is wrong! You call Tom, Dick and Harry twisting the story that occur between you and mikeisha and still haven’t explain what really went down. How f**ked up that is? You the same one that came to me talking a variety of stuff about that girl, but as a grown ass women speaking, you was absolutely wrong for what you have done. This shit could have talked over as two grown ass women instead of bashing each others on Social Media. Annette, I watch your “Snap Chat” daily and see all the shades you being throwing against mikeisha and yet still she didn’t respond until you make a disrespectful post about her children. I personally, confront you and said that was wrong. It seems like I told you something that you didn’t want to hear, so now you blocked me from Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram etc. Annette you have told me so much about your life that you living and I wont even stoop to your level to put it out there. All I can say is, be carful of the things you have said and done to people, because Karma have a way of creeping up on people. As a friend you have said so much shit to me about other people even your very close friends, but yet still I see you giving them highlight’s on “Snap Chat” What you expect me to think of you? The same shit you do to them, is the same thing you would’ve done to me. With that being said! Please don’t get me intervene in this bullshit because I will let the globe know what time it is. Get your shit together and make it right with mikeisha, she deserved an apology.With that being said, I rest my case until further notice…….

  21. Wow it’s seem as if Annette talking to a lot of u so call ppl oh please. Annette delete n block 90% of her ig followers including me then she added me back and deleted her Facebook account so what’s the big deal. She feel that she can’t trust no one, and this is for all who feel they can come on MET and talk shit bout ppl life and claim they know things. U don’t know shit. And as far as I can see its just a hand full of mikeisha’s so call frens trying to prove something. I’ve know Annette for yrs and she is a loyal and a great fren to me and others. So you ppl can cont to give her all these men but who knows rite know the truth will prevail. Like u guys say karma is a bitch n Mikeisha n her little followers will get theirs because she have done this to many ppl who she was frens with. Annette don’t need to apologize to mikeisha cause mikeisha (pig) knows she fu*k up for what she is doing rite now. So you’ll need to stop and grow up and look into the situation before you’ll run with things. I’ve never hear Annette’s name in the streets and I’ve know her since high school days but I can’t say the same for her ex bestie her name stink auh road bad. Annette never talk bout mikeisha kids or put mikeisha down to anyone suh a lie dat. Annette posted something bout your kids are a reflection of u. So wat is that she ain’t talking bout mikeisha’s kids smfh. Mikeisha tell your little followers that u have coming n posting things fi stop cause they just making things bad for u. u guys have a court case and u guys post stuff that’s not true even though it might not be u directly but u telling them wat to do. And u know within yourself Annette was genuine n loyal to u and never did u any wrongs. So stop go to ppl n talk her down because u want her life destroyed. U know the other ppl u did it to and I’m gonna name just one keisha sweetness, u did it to her with George and why u and her fall out smh and that’s just one there is more ppl. Stop tell lies on the girl cause it doesn’t matter her husband n her real frens not going anywhere that’s why u mad n trying hard to paint a bad picture. I’ve never seen Annette act like she is better than anyone, she talk to everybody n never walk past on one in the streets without say hi. SUH DUTTY EVIL PPL STOP TRY BRING THE GIRL DOWN. My granny always say the best fruit is always at the top of the tree suh ppl will throw stones to get it and when they can’t get it they will curse it.

  22. Mi know dutty Mikiesha, (pig) fi her duttinest nuh normal, everything weh Real recognize Real say bout her is true, she is a evil likkle pig looking bitch, and know most of a weh she is saying about Annette is a lie, nuh baddi nuh know her like me, dem is some conniving on convincing liars, she love carry people name to them man, she do it to Keisha sourness, but through the 2 them a the same John crow that can pass, as to the dead carass weh a come talk bout decent mother, them muma nuh good no day or month, time, nor place like me, stfu, you all don’t know these bitches, so don’t talk what you assume you know, I got the history, so zip it, nuh mek mi reel out the real file.

    1. Mikiesha is not the one who is talking about Annette business, so be careful who u rooting for and condemning. Annette spill on her own

      1. The person who comment and said Annette waa pick man fi Mikiesha isn’t lying. Annette and Mikiesha fall out because Annette was telling Mikiesha not to talk to one man..which maybe she was being a good friend but it got out of hand. No lies were told there. It never haffi go this far which is the truth.

  23. Ok, Met I get the full understanding now, but if Annette and Pig a friend, she suppose to know say, when she want a man, not even Jesus can come tell her nuh fi tek him, when it come to man tekkings Miss excellent get her name in the hall of fame, so she should know better than to cocky block Mickeisha, Annette you bad too, but you wrong ooo, never, ever try that wid pig again. When it come to man ting, Mickeisha bold like satan, and mi nah ask chrisse bout she, I know her. Met through mi know how them bad from them born, we caan gi them nuh shine, them a get ole, time fi them behave themselves now . No shame nuh ina them game, so it looks normal for them, but it’s not a joke, or a good look, if she was ever my daughter, mi beat that and kill that long time, trust mi pan that, just fi the shame alone.

    1. Yes and Annette claims di bwaay a look smaddy fi mind him which she knows is no problem to Mikiesha. So it tek off from there with the dashing a word pan social media. She is lying that a Mikiesha a spread har business, the person who name Kerry was telling no lies. Right now all a Jamaica Annette carry the story gone so again as Kerry seh she nuh blame Mikiesha fi ansa har, because it shudden go there. That person whey comment this morning is lying dem fi talk and split difference.Mikiesha dont hide she very bold wid har man tekking so when Annette try that scandal it never work cause everybody dont know di devil in the deep already das why Annette bring up di kids now and a desso it get dirty. Now that fi har tings a come out she a seh Mikiesha waa mash up har life when none of this had to go in the direction it has. Furthermore di people dem did done come talk bout Annette and her husband here before already so no lies are being told.

      1. Also, ask Annette why she have a case now where Mikeisha call police pan har whey a go court this week. Why she dont talk all those things?

        1. Yuh seh u know Mikiesha bad from she bawn :ngakak Dat nuh seh oo..no matter how bad justice haffi split. Annette know Mikiesha will work jobs fi mine man is her friend so she knows her well. Mikeisha know Annette know har well so it must have been surprising to her why Annette a discourage har from the man knowing she nuh ramp fi mind man. Maybe Annette did have interest in the man and Mikeisha may have suspected. I dont know..dis is just me assuming cause if me know smaddy love mine man and dem a go tek up a next man fi mind..I wouldnt say nothing cause dem already known fi mine man. Annette maybe did tired a it o a doe know but all of this is from that till all police and court case.

  24. Metty thief nuh like see thief a carry long bag, a bet you say Annette and that boy did a grine too, that’s why she so adamant fi miss Excellent nuh tek him, she never tell Excellent bout that sex, so she did a try detour her from him, and that nuh possible if miss Pig waan it, hell yea, she gonna get it, one thing miss Mickeisha straight to the point with her tekkings. She don’t beat round nuh bush, very dry eye wid her tings. No sah mi caan bother.

    1. Whore always walk wid whore. You nah go find a friend whey dem always a par and only one a do di whoring. U will have a bareface whore and a sneaking whore but they will be whores. That jezebel spirit loves it kind. So Annette cyah call Mikiesha whore and act like she a saint no way.All a Jamaica mi a hear di story di way it outa hand. Read Kerrygoodas comment in the next post and u will get a good feel a what a gwaan

  25. The facts was given I don’t need to lie on Annette n she never bring up mikeisha kids name on social media. Ppl need fi talk true cause I saw the whole story on social media n mikeisha started the shade throwing first. Pig hide nuff auh her fu*k so MET dont think for a second she talk all her biz. I know for a fact seh mikeisha call police pon Annette cause she was gonna beat her. Annette never tell nobody nothing MET a or bring noting to JA the story reach JA cause of a girl name Lisa fr old harbour call ppl n spread it down there. MET look like u n a few ppl don’t like Annette but guess wat she is a very nice person until u cross her she will see u n fu*k u up. That much I know bout her the calling n mixing ppl up isn’t Annette at all. She is a fighter n a confronter that I know.

    1. Lies, Annette calling down di whole Jamaica..FACTS..She can fight and confront all she want she cyah beat truth so she need fi try rail and kick it and a di same fighting why she have court this week coming up. If Mikiesha waa hide har slap dem she shud because she tek nuff publicly so some really need to hide. U a talk bout Annette did a go beat Mikeisha, if she were she shudda go bodily not with her vehicle in doing so dem can seh she a use di vehicle as weapon and if she so bad she fi own up to di tings dem cause a dat bad people do. U do things beat u chest and seh yes but dont try fight truth because u will not win. They were friends and it should NEVER get to this over a worthless man. You mean to tell me seh dem couldnt work it out?

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