They call this “too much sauce” everything in this picture says OFFICIAL BATTYMON now tell me why would a group of boy want to wear the same outfit in different colors same niggas that wasn’t by Rodger Harrison bedside when he was dying but is flossing with the people them good tax information to dress like this GOD A GO SIN UNNU

2 thoughts on “SAUCY

  1. Any man me see a dress fi match other man a batty man!

    You a look nowadays and see 2 bredrin inna one car and when you pree close enough the 2 a dem have one di same thing, just maybe a different colour, no sah!

  2. I don’t care if they dress alike but damn can they leave the ponchos to the woman please. These man nowadays need to find dem identity. Next they’ll be in high heel a talk bout a style and top designers are wearing them. Just keep in mind that most top designers are gay #TomFord #TommyHilfiger#Versace#Dior#MichealKors#karlLagerfeld#AlexanderMcQueen#Calvin#YSL and the list goes on. Stand for something gentlemans. I know the Indians wore them but still.

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