Met mix up,marcel females,all a them know them 1 another ,Neisha the babymother from connecticut,Tina the nail text from the bronx & Neka and nobody knows the nurse. .Why do you think hes going to take you girl kodian serious,Unnuh is 1 bunch a lagga head gal.Only thing marcel offer is d*ck & everybody meet his mom .Stop mek the x6 fool unnuh,boy cah even buy gas

20 thoughts on “X6 AND NO GAS

  1. I know that gal neisha she used to go to charlemont,used to gwaan like she nice lol,u have 2 kid now?,unnuh really come a foreign come tun jackass,DESPERATION!NEka she UGLY NO BLOODCLATT,N THAT A SKUNK DEH,me pussycloth…This need more crowdWho is the night nurse??

  2. Unnuh a bunch of f**ing mix up over here,first n foremost i dont know weh neisha did a do with marcel,him a nobody,just clothes & boot,but all he does his embarass the rass out A d girl, OLE heap a warning you get,but u no bc listen now u deh pon mix up wall.Just continue being a good mom mi fren,f**k off with whackass

  3. Max….a ongle hope yu ready fi kollek all a weh aguh drap a grung when di spanx and gurgle pull. Bet yu nah guh fine di nush when dat trapaulin come folding down!

  4. Tina run gone do belly n breast fi try hold marcel. Can just imagine how yu save out rass fi get it done..Tina Memba a nuh marcel alone yu a f**k enuh..n chat marcel wid the ppl them man.. dnt draw my tongue..Tina all yu do is hide n f**k ppl man..

  5. Murderrrr so hold on then this aids pussy/mouth /batty gal Tina still in the Bronx with her stinky pussy a take ppl man that mean the laws not doing their job this nasty ass bitch should have been pick up off the street long time ago and those man who is sleeping with her no smell how the gal stink beenie man come f**k nd duck her this gal no have no shame or what every shop she go they put her out because she stinking up the ppl them shop then a how she do breast batty belly and have her 4kids a suffer in Jamaica them gal ya no easy man she marry to buy fi get paper and then tell lie how boy abuse her to get green card and still no try file for none of the kids because the dirty nasty gal who a walk around swiping up ppl man no want no responsibility with the kids them who she breed and have 2 for her father and 2 for the baby father shame on you rotten pussy Tina u bleach out your body and you still sick stomach right know you need jesus to save your rotten body yack

  6. This fake broke ass bwoy keep posting all these shit on ig don’t even have a pot to piss in you know I know the real let people meet your mother to make it look good country people nuh use to any thing

  7. Marcel far from broke he beg and use women introduce them to his mama so she can beg them for money these 3 his girls who knew because he have so many and hes married sleeping with all types of chicks and don’t use protection he gave this girl I know std

  8. Met marcel buy new x6 but the kicker is I here said marcel nuh stop suck the gal dem pussy a new York,connecticut,florida,Philly, Maryland my friend got a std from marcel ladies go get your self check if you mess around with him it nuh look good….

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