On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate your s*x
1. I dont do it so it doesnt matter
2. I barely do it
3. Its ok
4. Sometimes good sometimes bad
5. I get mine so Im good
6. Its ok but more can be done.
7. Im mild…….
8. I get mine and they get their’s
9. Almost perfect.
10. Im mad bad and wicked ina bed all the time.

5 thoughts on “SCALE-SUNDAY DAGGA

  1. That would totally depend on how inspired you are by the person you are having sex with. Remember the voice note Kartel used with the lady who called her friend to confess her latest conquest? That is what inspiration does for your sex life! At this point life is a 8, but next month mi ex a fly in and that is an inspired 11…..EVERYTIME.

  2. I wear size 11 so imma 11 pretty much.Plus until I either hear back ladies’ complaints a road or ideally to my face, I’ve got no reason to downgrade myself. :cool :nerd

  3. 10: A me seh cocky ninja, a me ride off buddy mek it cum correct, some man selfish cause afta yuh cum too quick mi tink seh yah go stand @ attention even doe yuh trigga did too happy bloodclaat. Mi want nuff sex.. mek di pumpum squirt :selamat

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