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  1. Met alot of lesbians when you ask dem when did they have attraction for the same sex, some has stated when they were young. Now society attitude is more open they don’t have to hide, they now feel free to express dem self.
    I hope it ain’t Jamaica!! It it what it is The Bible has predicted it.

  2. I don’t think it’s JA cause they don’t allow any type of hair extension (from what I know) but as what QB say… The bible predicted it and the world that we living in…. It’s acceptable.

  3. not surprise. anything dem see on TV them run wid it and mainly the wrong things. Very rare they jump on things that will better dem . from mi young mi wonder why. for example mi always wonder why would they change they area from the correct name to a war torn, people a suffer country . GAZA . TEL A VIV . JUNGLE etc. that just negative star. now dem see the batty man thing all over so dem jump on it big and open now. mi always seh some gal too ugly fi put dem self together fi attract man so dem turn butch. some just do it fi the attention because behind closed door dem a yearn fi the REAL b*DDY. THE MAN DEM to. attention dem a look now a days. yeah u have some confuse fools weh seh dem did born in the wrong body lol. IDIOTS. all dem a do a try mess up God count.

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