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  1. nothing new here. just fake ass toya stash up to her usual madame tricks. anybody who know toya know this bitch is fake as f**k and is bisexual. she bring home women for karl stash to sleep with and they have nothing but 3sums all the time. toya try after several dancehall females and them turn her down so she don’t like them and try create trouble for them. poor donna lee don’t know the real toya stash yet. she just enjoying the drug lifestyle that toya and karl stash bring her into. have fun while it last girl. donna lee don’t tell toya u personal business cause it will plaster on front street. real fake ass 2 face bitch toya stash is. toys u and tania in style still friends?

    1. Cuteness, why ya’ll planning on beating the girl fa…cause she deh date Tania’s babyfada?…if that’s the reason why, ah hope she lick gunshot afta alla unu…FUHCKIN SETTA FOOLS UNU!!!…wa beat di gal ova man?????…Donna Lee, mek sure yuh load up ah keep it pan cock…

        1. No bitch, you guh lick out unda mi mumma :p …I DARE ya’ll tuh try dat girl seef bullet nuh reach unu..while you at it, guh suck mi puppa tuh you fuhcking CUNT!!…I hope dat girl spray ya’ll wid BULLET BULLET BULLET!!…guh drink acid, hold dis inna di meantime :bola

          1. @YEP come meck mi give yuh ah golden shower, yuh mumma and yuh puppa too yuh must ah giv DONNA LEE three some meck yuh ah depend har

          2. I’ma leave you tuh Donna Lee and har man, mek dem murda yuh bloodclaat…now with that being said, get away from me, you dirty nigger…

          3. Mi nuh have dem deh kinda problems cause mi naah war wid NUH gal ova man…wife, fiance, girlfriend, BABYMADDA, new side piece, ole side piece…NONE!!!..try keep yuh focus pan Donna Lee and lowe me…do what you will tuh my madda an faada cause dem can hole dem own dealing wid dirty black niggers like you, but come try mi mek mi splatta yuh marrow wid no fuhcking remorse backa it…guh look war wid Donna Lee cause ah she fraid ah unu :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. So a that them really wear go a dance? Atlanta people stay bad eeh.. Wat kind of fur that look like clown all the boot. Them look nasty I would never want to see that threesome. Atlanta needs to do better

  3. Bloody Toya Trash di people dem a pree yuh hard from the reading of post from Atlanta it seems to me your not a like able person, yuh fig waan look into yuhself and build back.

  4. It is one thing to dislike someone but hate that is a harsh word… But to say you want to say the women hurt what does that make you in God’s eyes… You can’t wish bad on someone because you dislike their lifestyle or they do things you do not like to you or others… Leave her punishment to God he doesn’t sleep but remember the bad things you want done unto her will also come on to you ten folds, don’t block your blessing because you wishing someone else bad that doesn’t work… There’s people I do not care for and deserve the worse but I put them in God’s hands for him to administer their punishment… I’m not stopping my blessings or my life thinking of a dead beat person that I can’t benefit from… I’m just saying….

    1. No, it’s another imitation Yep ah try cuss mi unda sikes..Metty had tuh spray an block one roach but it festa ah come back again…don’t come for me hoe cause I ain’t Donne Lee nor do I know her..I just think it’s fuhcked up how bitches wanna jump the girl ova ah nigga…ah hope she kill one ah unu tek it mek example, unu too fuhckin brute ah brite…sick ah you black nigger bitches who got nothing better tuh do than filthy up the system an cause bare un-necessary problems fe people…jump her if ya’ll want, but I hope her MAN ride or die widder on dat shit and wear some spiked boots fe kick some ah ya’ll in ur big stink pussies..go educate ya’ll selves, it’s ah big fuhcking world out there..plenty more men out there for ya’ll thirsty dirty ass black cunt!! :bola

    1. Why dem suh HAT fidi gal, mi nuh know…an ova man at dat!!!…den dem have ah nerve fe try come vimi cause mi ah speak my mind pan it?…I doe know dis gal from ah can ah paint, BUT if I were her, I would secure my safety by ANY means necessary ah mek police ah coroner scrape unu up afta dat…

  5. @Yep hi Donna Lee are is ar fren you…fi someone who nuh know someone yuh sure know nuff man all a talk bout she fi bullet ppl,how yuh know if she have a gun…smh nobady nuh fraid a unu a next ting unu love talk bout gun nuh clath….bey chat unu chat

    1. Because that is how I feel about the situation and that’s just that, like it or not…why ya’ll wanna jump the girl fa..ova man??…like really bitch????…look, jump her if ya’ll want but I really hope she grab at least one ah unu an kill yuh wid lick…can’t stand you hood monkeys wid dis jumpin shit, why, for what?…leave the fuhcking girl alone…guh fight di man but leave di gal alone…

    2. And YES!!!…I do know PLENTY niggas cause I don’t roll wid females, and the females I do fuhck wid ain’t ghetto nor black…females too fuhcking petty, jealous, red eye, grudgeful n’ competitive…suh YES, mi know NUFF NUFF man, and still counting BITCH!!!…and what is it tuh you?

  6. Donna lee a kill them with she and her man in the limo to the dance this weekend. The man look all happy and comfortable and nuh stop laugh.

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