Good morning JMG, so stumbled across a few Easter holiday weekend parties that happened in Jamaica, the Hennessy yellow and white looked like a hit… Slap weh… I must say most attendees were well dressed. Mass Omar Scottish here in his trech out the shirt weh look like it come from under mattress, like him just hurry up to go to the party for party sake, somebody couldn’t tell this self made model to stay home. SMH, ladies run when you see him, what a boy mean lol, pure promise him mek and boasy, Mr. Exact change. Men sometimes are intimidated by women who are established to a degree and feels as if to impress us females you have lie and pretend to be something that they’re not and when it comes to the test they can’t fall through on high price promises. That’s him right there, poor and boasy as my granny use to say, dem man yah now a days worst than woman them beg, them use your bleaching products and look fi money from you a wha do dem. A Easter all year round when you a date dem yah man yah… Pure bun dem fi get and dash weh.. Waste a manhood…. Kmt, anyways who’s this new victim, as soon as I finish post this I’m going to tell his so call girl friend to check his a$$, call me informed, but I hate when men tek people girl pickney fi fool. If I ever find out set my man a behave so a party with woman ,Sinclair’s Bashco and hurry hurry don’t sell cloth deh how me ago remanufacture him. Anyway JMG Blessed Sunday and try to remember dont let no man or gal depreciate your value.

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