Mix up from mandeville haffi talk pan da one ya…..them ya two big ole who’re ya toni ann aka cruella deville weh have a piece a old fashion shoes store weh r sh*t up p**y give r from d batty man scammer bwoy . Although dem lef ya now cause the bwoy neva have no more urge fi r inna bed.word on the streets is that a because she change r skin tone dwbrcl no man!!!!!! An gone spend half a millon shit up money pan braces she and r twinzie Freon whoring Philly weh who’re out the whole senty and come a ville a hide.philly aka artist matras also known as beautifulgangsta pan instagram! Stop walk and borrow people clothes bitch and a tel lie how u daddy spoil u from birth! U nyam batty and pu**y like how baby love breast milk! U fi stop it likkle who’re whoiiiiii ANYWAYS d two a dem did a pat hard inna weh day.everybody did jus a wait fi the split up still cause dem gal deh faker than toni an plastic hear seh philly get bruck afta she go breed fi a one bwoy weh she think have money but she get sorry fi d poor likkle baby.word on the strests is that the gal bruck and cause she did bred it set r back su she drop off a shape bad bad bad and a badminb r best friend fi d shit up pu**y pap dung shoes store.philly u fi stop it.and stop walk and tell people seh u have bmw.dwbrcl. on top a it the two bestie them admind each other cuz toni ann a walk An a tell people say she go philly yard an if she nah have her money she dead fi hungry to how Philly bruk now like me sorry fi them she cant even afford fi pay rent she a cotch but the one philly soon bounce back cuz she well a sort out her body since she have baby so she can go catch man.dem gal ya life sad bad….anyways goodie post this deh and Mek d people dem see wa gwan


  1. These girls are nothing compared to Ashanti that the worst and most dealt whore from Mandeville and mix up

  2. It must be a hater who posted this. Philly well Ok. She child’s father(Skeng Don’s son) is happy with her and money is one thing Everybody know Skeng Don isn’t short of and its money and Skeng take care of his ppls

  3. di 1 phillu act like she a saint nw u c philly di hole mandiville no seh u a hide n fck the drugs boy name dav rounda engliside yes mi fren use to fck him nuh trus nuh man fren a no fi u fren y mek u wicked suh gal n a post pan ig bout u married to don wen ya fck pon di man u Just ave pickney n fck nex man already mek u nasty so gal u is a shame to motherhood mi wah c u post wah adda family post pah ig mek mi done u neva c smoke wid out fiya u sista post pic a di man hoise n we a wonder if a him she a fck but nw we get pic confirm seh a u u fi tappy u 2 nastty man mattras u b

  4. Philly is really a nasty bitch how u fi ah f**k Dav and u just have baby, the other day mi see you a drive go round ah him yard. U really disrespecting your baby father bad! It is such a disgrace. U too lickie lickie dutty whoring bitch. No ambition u slut. Mi hear seh u all give the man 3sum already omg gal how u whore so? U pussy nuh tired? U find the lil boy weh tekking care of you and u still can’t keep u pussy to u self.

  5. Hear say the one philly she tek plane like taxi and everytime she sly out is a next man she go too and the one tonyann gwan like she a miss guddy guddy when she a sneak and f**k the rich man dem fi $$

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