16 thoughts on “SCRUMSHIP PART 1

  1. WOW !!!! You mean to tell me that you cumin from your shower and you making ugly ass Skay and others draw you out shame you girls need help because never in my life I seen something like this . And Rebecca who is the father save Nico or the old white man dem you was sexing off

  2. Yea a nuff man phuck me and….

    dem bloodclaat now a days gal yah I tell,if de babyfada walk weh is because she even confirm him might need fi truly find out if a fi him yute smfh

    1. Ok I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one confused as if that’s something to be proud of. These 2016 big tuff whoring gyal really need some fire Box and a flying kick right inna dem head. Dunce like

  3. You know I got the sauce…you know that I’m sau-cy…and its always wet! A b!tch never had to use lip gloss on it #RhiannaMood

  4. You know if this chick ain’t the epitome of a chicken head, no I’m pretty sure if chicken head was to be put in a dictionary today she’d be poster child and chief head endorser. Yo she had me rooting for her until she said nuff man slap her like wtf!!! Who disses themselves in the midst of dissing somebody else and then the icing pon di black cake is she and the gal she cussing had a 3 some with said man nah boo bear you suck literally bye, retreat from, the warring my girl.

  5. MET in other news.. Me say me see ERRICE & ZUM well lock last night..nah lie the way how them affectionate with each other it look like LOVE.. it did look good me nah lie, the fact that his baby mother here in JA and him away most of the time a spend family vacation with her and the kids it nah phase ERRICE not one bit..mama man hold har last night an the way how she embrace him back n kiss him it did really look good. MOODIE it look like ERRICE lick weh u foot cause ZUM all start buss har pon brands..a so it fi go, u cyan a wear brand n u oman Inna lone regular. Mi say MET a cuddn stop look dwl.. KENEZER stay Inna u big Oman lane yaa, a so dem man yah tan & u nah lef u gudgud baby daddy weh bring good good productions heeeheee. MATEY DEM NAH PLAY THESE DAYS..A DEM SAY I LOVE YOUR MAN!

  6. Skay yuh bitter and it shows. You look like a crackhead stress a kill yuh… yuh Mawga baaaaddddd I wah throw some porridge and hard dough bread pon u.
    Rebecca a lead you by far nico nuh stop beat you like a Steele pan a Trinidad and u still a hype. You lie you thief just fi hold nico and him still a f**k pon you then every time you get cuss out you talk bout beat face bish you sad u naw mek nico marry u and give u likkle papers? Rebecca have her own n she can fly out when she feel like

  7. Bloodclaat annoying gal yah man! it bun Mi say mi watch dat shit essi… Gal sound annoying eeeh man…. das why nuh man naw stay Mi a ooman an mi nuh wah hear har much less no sah!

    1. Skay is a wicked gyal, how u gonna talk bout the girl unborn child like that. Don’t wish bad on anyone kids cause bad blessings will follow yours!!! Skay needs a life, she always ah war over her man them, and know sey her life sad inna real LIFE

  8. This makes me sad. Nuff man box me @ the age of 22? I would be ashamed to admit that. She’s spilling her own tea in the process of dunnin that skay girl.

    Clearly this boy who they’re waring over don’t respect neither of them.

  9. this girl is fckn sick…like everyday…why yu neva rent a baby fadda fi di showa…weh skay eat fi yuh…stop mek dutty tiff Barbie hype yu up….skay tiffany sit on yu name day in n out ova baldhead weh seh she a him 20 freak ..

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