7 thoughts on “SEA BREEZE

  1. No she need to stay har nasty a$$ home an be a mom to her NEW baby. I could see if she had went to a formal party or a night out on the town with the father of her baby….An buy breast pad.

  2. Wtf is she lactating???those titties crying real tears in fear of that curdle up belly yuck!!not even you @realjohncrowbelly…NOT EVEN YOU boss smh!

  3. @yardielovebug dont disrespect no female belly skin..nothing i hate is when aman talk about our belly skin that is a distasteful act for any man to say..dont do that i know yur very intelligent.. ok hon..

    1. Respect due Sexy,i’m not referring to stretch marks as obtained via childbirth by a woman.i fully understand that women tend to be very sensitive abt their bellies appearance. Most ppl will tell u if a woman’s belly is unattractive it is highly recommended she cover it up.

      I do not find her belly remotely appealing n I spoke my truth as what it reminds me of.Mothers ought to be proud of their stretch marks. I am proud of my Balls n chains but I don’t go around showing them off au naturale.

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