Husband Of Slain Pregnant Portmore Woman Charged With Murder

Published: Wednesday March 19, 2014 | 2:04 pm0 Comments
Rasbert Turner, Gleaner Writer

Sean Coffie has been charged with murder in connection with the death of his wife Sasha-Gaye who was shot and killed in October last year.

Coffie, who is the Dean of Disciple at the Jose Marti Technical High School in St Catherine, was charged on Monday by detectives from the St Catherine South Division.

He was charged following months of investigations.

He is scheduled to appear in court next Monday.

Coffie was previously charged with illegal possession of a firearm, conspiracy and breaches of the Sexual offences Act.

He received bail for those charges but remains in custody on the murder charge.

His 27-year-old wife was said to be seven months pregnant when she was shot and killed.


  1. this one really hurt my heart. to read that he was a dean of discipline in one of our schools. All a wi probably know someone who have child at Jose Marti and to imagine that this skirmage is who them supposed to look up to. So many questions, why was he interacting with underaged if him have dem charge deh against him? not 1 but 3 charges!

    I wish I knew what it was to mek us start have self-worth and purpose so we dont end up with such idleness and wickedness in the country!

  2. Dem fi use him as di test case fi resume hanging, evil battyman cuz no one who love woman would do a ting like dat. U do it fi please u man cuz d fact dat u wife is pregnant was proof u neva lef har

  3. He’s the Dean of Discipline of a school and did this? What level of madness has been cast upon our poor little Island. R.I.P to this young lady and condolences to family and friends. First it was radio personality taking a gunman to kill his baby mother now this. …… where are the demonstrations???

  4. MET< she was one of the sweetest persons you would ever meet. Always had something positive to say, never (to my knowledge) spoke bad of anyone, and always had a smile. God nah sleep

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