1. Is what happened to dem fool here, nuh him frightened muma encourage him fi guh pan National tv a Jamaica to proclaim say him still rich, and them nuh broke, so why all of a sudden you tun back bruke again, uno mouth aguh cost uno so much, cause uno too dam lie.

  2. This proves that most of what is posted on IG is smoke and mirrors. He is BROKE, yet he wants to appear rich by going as far as to sign TommyLee. With family like his, he doesn’t stand a chance. What’s saving him right now is income from songwriting and producing for other artists. My gosh he cant even afford an attorney.

  3. Tommy Lee is an idiot, Sean Kingston anuh nobody and he does not need him to better his career. Some Jamaican people can be soo frightened and fool fool its so easy to trick them

  4. When was he robbed and assaulted? I can’t remember. His fat ass needs to accept responsibility for his actions, and stop acting like he’s Jay Z, with Jays bank accounts. This ninja can’t even afford a lawyer or he’s playing a fool to catch the wise? Who does the old adage goes about a person who represents one self in court? Someone remind me den please!

  5. Sean Get back in the Studio And make some music! Don’t allow your family to finish can bounce back..take a break from them and do you and make music.

  6. This mother of his is the devil! She knows broke and she’s still living above her means! The last house this old Scamma in Beverly Hills was $52,000 a month she move out still owing the people them three months rent! All Safari did live with them at one point! Just wait them soon extradite Janice from Jamaica fi fraud!

  7. Health issues are you kidding???? Your on Instagram riding motorcycle and and traveling all over the world where’s the medication and health issues you proclaimed. Your mumma sure sinking your fat ass for sure .

  8. People do this kind of thing all the time, from them can get the credit, they run up huge debts, file bankruptcy, lay low for a few years, come back and repeat. From the man nuh owe unnu what’s unnu problem?

  9. Hello you boy we naaaaa buy wah yah sell an we naaaa look caah yuh nuffi bruk a mumma %$#@^%$^

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