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  1. Good morning metty, can you come here plz. What is that stew in the housewife pot??……..I’ll wait..

    1. Excuse me but she didn’t say #housewife…she said #house #wife lol…that’s probably why we can’t identify what’s in the second pot dwl

      1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      2. di second pot look like human meat………… separated from wife because … man live a prison and she just plain and simple nuh live nuh weh

  2. People look good Both dish inna the same pot, and when since rice and peas a cook inna pressure cooker kmft. aweh do some Gal.

  3. Vanessa Bling’s pictures of her prepared meals gives me the impression say she can’t cook. Dat is why people who DONT eat her cooked food a point dat out to her ? For if de sight a wah inna de 1st pot a hurt mi eyes, can you imagine wey it a go do to mi taste buds ? Rassclaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ La Crew from ever since …. some people cok their rice and peas in the pressure cooker pot because some people dont boil the peas it take too long so they pressure it .. some people change the pot some dont. Look like gungo peas and stew chicken .. I didnt know people cook chicken in those kind of pots that looks so weird to me.. my madda and granny cook stew chicken and curry chicken inna dutch pot.

  5. A dem dey food she did a cook n carry go gi Skirtell a jail n swell him belly mek him didnfaava bang belly goat, till fret-ration mek him stop nyam it n maawga dung tun size -0

  6. Morning, Morning!

    Why this girl don’t stop tek picta of her dog food put pon social media. I was trained that when you cook rice and peas, once you season the pot and put in your rice you leave it let it cook not only will it cook evenly it will also look presentable. That pot look like it get some breed a stiring and pick pick up…As for the stew chicken…look like the same pot of oil she brown the chicken in is the same pot she just dash back the chicken in and stew it down.

    Good brown stew chicken is not suppose to be so oily…and the worst thing you can do while cooking is pick pick the chicken and den drop back the bone in a the pot. #Gross!

    1. I forgot to add my commas and punctuations…so it seems like a run on sentence. But then again that deh food woulda give anything the runs…

      1. Well if dem nuh have good pot dem can cook in a it dem just nuh put on back the pressure cooker top. dem use regular pot cover…mi know cause when mi did deh a Jamaica mi use to do it…

        Now I just boil my peas with garlic and pimento seed together for the 2 hours and then add in mi cocunut milk, scallion, thyme, thinly cut onions, thinly cut red bell pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, butter, likkle black pepper and salt.

        Mawsah! Mi caan tell yuh how it sweet..

        1. Red pepper n milk inna rice n peassss no mainnnnneeee mi learn something new errrday (tear out mi big yeye dem)

          1. You know mi taste sweet pepper inna rice an peas an mi honestly don’t like the taste it give…I don’t like it wid onion neither but either way @no sah u a gwaan betta dan she…maybe she can falla ur recipe cause mi know it mus taste betta dan wah she have a gwaan

          2. No man you don’t put nuh whole heap to over power the taste. I like onion because it enhance the flavor more than just the so-so scallion memba sey scallion and onion a di same family. I tasted it with the bell pepper before and I liked it so I started doing it. But when you taste my rice and peas you really not tasting all the other stuff because I grate my cocunut and I still use a little of the can cocunut milk (not much) so you get a really authenti Jamican taste.

            Yaaasss honey!

  7. Gm metty & all it me r the rice&peas look dry..& dnt run in & tlk bout shelly.

  8. A who she a try fi fool???? a nuh di same smaddy weh look bout dem deh cart wheel dumpling deh weh day, look bout dis, dis nuh look three bad, but dem get F fi effort. Mi feel seh a smaddy yard d gal guh, fi likkle sunday dinner and tek oicho a dem food like a she cook it. So if a really fi she yard…….. a dat deh likkle 4 burner gas stove deh she gots?????? So she couldnt mek har slicer kartel buy one a d 6 burner electric stove wid d coils fi har, all dem deh icky, suck hood and batty f**k deh weh she get, really never qualify har fi a electric stove?????? Oh Goooodddd man……. mi cant believe seh a really dat she a cook pan fi all of har bump and grind and hot f**k!!!!!! Him really treat him followers dem bad though, look like seh all a dem a suffer, poor thing mussi das why har party did pap dung so like har!!!!! So wah “…..New vanessabling# MERCY on me” suppose to mean deh now????? A God or d court she a beg mercy fi har pending trial???? So wah dis mean, she tun ova a new leaf???? so a wah kind a image she a try fi portray yah now??? seh she is no longer a gaza door mat and a foot stool and a f**k truck, and is now a aspiring housewife, and she a do something cnstructive wid har life?????? I wants to know!

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