Three very popular Dancehall selectors are about to go to prison for RAPE!… Sources say that some time last year. The selectors were in Canada for a show and it is alleged that the three men had sex with a young woman without her consent. DNA evidence was said to have returned this week linking not one but three to the crime.

Reports are that the young woman was intoxicated and the three men raped her. One of the men >>>alias intial BC was held early last year but the other two went back to Jamaica. Now that DNA has returned they will now face charges. Accused alias>> intial BB’s visa was cancelled but he will face charges..Stay tuned for further details


  1. Wow!!!!! What greed can do dem have so much careless gal ready to f%=k for hype how come dem rape?? With so many easy gal at dem disposal wow

  2. Gm. Probably that one wasn’t at them disposal because they had wait until she was intoxicated! these smell bad selectors only hood rats want them.

  3. Yes mi believe sey dem do it especially bb causz wen him ah selec yuh haffi wanda if him ah guh shoot up di place ah big clown dat an bait!!!

  4. Mi nuh sorry fe dem a rass ! Nuh dem inna dance a night time a play and a big up Alkaline song wey say “A 1 -2 – 3 -when-me-fukc-a-gal-she-fall-in-love-wid-me, 1-2-3- believe-me-it-so-easy”? So if it so easy, how dem mek dis come dung so hard pon dem den ? Met, please keep we up- to -date ya Mums, because in Canada, mi SURE say dem nah go beat dem charges yah so easy like 1 – 2- 3.

    1. lolol.. Morning Met and crew. Extraditions in order!

      Dem fi reach a prison because a so dem tek liberty wid “hood rats” who ‘fraid fe call rape because dutty people feel sey “hood rats” cannot be victims of rape..kmrt Guess this one wasn’t nobody “hood rat”! Rape a rass rape!

      .Long time dem a violate people gal pickney so one day dem bucket must reach a well.

  5. What certain entertainers fail to understand is dat when dem inna anadda country, dem can’t jus do wey dem feel like. They have to leave certain negative mentalities on the back burner, and try not to cause any problems with anyone. Not only do these entertainers embarrass themselves, and their families, dem also embarass law – abiding Jamaicans living in Canada. To make matters worse, the immigration laws in Canada will make it even harder for other decent entertainers to come into the country. In other words, a few bad apples (in this case bananas) spoil the whole bunch. It really is a shame fe know say dem selecta ya cause dis down pon demselves, but a so de ting go.

  6. well first I have to ask how she get inna dem company fi dem allegedly rape her, what were her intentions and why all three of them a f**k her without protection that all a dem dna get pick up? nasty

    1. You two questions aren’t adding up. You attempting to lessen the crime by calling it a “F**ck”?

    2. ahmm u neva go nuh weh end and end up inna di company a two man…………inna real life nuh man mussi nuh deh weh u live………………because if u go a di grocery store inna u di parking lot umight buck up two man ..yu go a church u buck up to man..if u go jogging u bcuk up two or three man … di girl nasty ………wen a did three a dem licki back ……..????

      1. Hey Mumma *wink*…me want dem know sey F*@k is by consent and rape is by force. She could a hitch up unda dem dem nu have NO authority; she could a slack like a ole baggy waste dem nah nu authority.

        She no owe nu body nothing but vengance to whom ever defile her.

  7. WHO DI RC IS BB AND BC ……..SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME ………….mi nuh know weh dem come from …rape nah wear and it was never wearing and a tell u bout how much oman dem have …and funny they have to get a girl who loves to give it up to get some ………..and dem couldnt even afford fi use dem mouth an get three girl fi oblige…………..effin set of mascots

  8. have mercy mi jus a know a who dat short ass bout him a rape….mavado nuh deh nuh where near………………………mi sorry fi him

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