1. Har nails dem nuh look bad. Di woman up innah age she get a pass, mek she gwahn wid har hand and hair wigs. At least she nuh naked wid only di wig on as clothes. Be grateful sendah.

  2. Well, technically she dressing fi di crowd, not out of place at all. Enforcement may ongle mean show har u ticket, teck u bracelet/stamp.

  3. val is the best security. this fat smelly bitch is rude and always have a bad attitude. ugly hairy monkey

  4. sender shut the f**k up the lady is working you want her fi inna brazilian and lace suit. She is a older lady looking to supplement her income not siddung home on welfare like the f**king wutliss bitches she securing in the damn club..

  5. Thank u for all the comments. It let’s me know that u r thinking about me and have nothing else to with ur lives. I have one and live it well. FYI…….I’m comfortable n my skin. R u?

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