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  2. I think the better question would be who actually paid for their outfit? isn’t that Mitchiboo on the left? world renown clutcher?

  3. Big up Mitchie Boo you killed it as always…I don’t know what made that ugly skinny old looking he/she feel that she could of really out do anybody about she plan to wear it same time bc fool she fava the jocker out of batman

  4. So what if they stole the f**king dress the GOVERNMENT STEAL FROM US EVERY F**KING DAY !!!! People have to do what they have to do to survive nd live how they want to live !!!!! FACTS stop judging ppl yo I bet most of y’all is cleaning ass for a living

  5. It is better to have a 9 to 5 met but ppl that clean ass have no right to talk about some one that is stealing to make a living !!! The person that is stealing is grinding as hard as the person cleaning ass the person that’s stealing probably can’t get a job you don’t know what ppl have going on in their life !!! If I wanted to I can talk about both because I’m 24 and I’m an RN ND I HAVE NO KIDS BUT I CHOOSE NOT BECAUSE PPL HAVE THIER PROBLEMS

  6. No we do not mama go back to school because obviously you don’t know shit that’s why you gotta weak ass website like this !!! YOU CLEAN SHIT BITCH ALL DOG SHIT YOU CLEAN TOO GO SUCK YOUR MOTHER MET IN REAL F***KING LIFE IN REAL LIFE I GOT MONEY TO Waste BITCH !!! I never bent down to clean ass a day in life

    1. You are a liar. Mi will suck my mother while you go find out the role of a RN ..as a matter of a fact while you keep looking like an idiot bout u never bent down to clean ass no u dont bend u use the lift to lift the patient then wipe their ass. U a chat bout u a RN like you are a MD :ngakak yuh a MD? An idiot like you hear people a talk bout RN RN and think a some big doctorate no disrespect to RN but stop look hype offa people career because you are not an RN

    1. Stealing is not a grind it is a low life way of living . If you were really an Rn an saw how hard it was to get that degree you would understand why it is possible for many others to make an honest living but because you are low, dont know what an RN is you are here this big start of the week endorsing stealing.

    2. suh if smaddy teef from yuh,yuh respect dem tuh cuz dem on dem grind nuh bada cry teef or try report cuz yuh seh full support tuh ppl weh a mek a living by any means ness nuh suh :cool

  7. THIER stealing from stores not me I don’t make money from stores mama so yes I support ppl that make a living by any means at least if they loose THIER job they know how to survive nd not feel like a fish out of water !!! # FACTS I’m done talking y’all sound

  8. Mitchiboo Haters are always gonna hate!! Keep doing you!!! Facts thieves been around since the beginning of time and always will be!!! Big up all of the thief dem!!!! No stop MADD DEM!!!!!!

  9. The fundamentals of nursing starts with bedside care! Nurses do clean shit! That 24 y/o is a “wanna be RN.”

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