“Does a farmer always plow and never sow? Is he forever cultivating the soil and never planting?” [Isaiah 28:24]

Countless Christian believers have learned over the years to plough and plough and plough in the fields of unsaved people at work or school or in the neighbourhood. They have learned to cultivate the soil by removing stumbling blocks from their lives and pulling weeds and watering their lives with the Living Water of the scripture. They have learned well the art of “being” Christian and most churches, how to have clean-cut congregation that are organized and have big, beautiful barns. But have you ever “done” Christianity’s primary task? Have you made a disciple?
Such won’t happen if we plough and cultivate, plough and cultivate but we never sow and never plant. A farmer sitting on his porch in the evening and looking at his neatly ploughed, weed less field would not be content with knowing that no seeds have been placed into the soil. That would be crazy. The seeds aren’t going to march on their own from the grain sack into the field and into the ground in the proper way. Somebody has to plant the seed.
You and I are that somebody. The reality is that you and I already know that we are that somebody and have known that for a long time. The challenge is to start planting more seeds rather than sitting on the porch and admiring our neatly ploughed, weed less fields and beautiful barns. We need to press into the Lord more than ever with prayer for wisdom. Wisdom with how to approach hard soil, rocky soil, weed-corrupted soil and also the fertile soil.
God will give you wisdom for planting if you will seek it. Eyes to see opportunities you didn’t see before, boldness to seize opportunities that you didn’t seize before if you will pray that He does. “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is a wonderful teacher, and He gives the farmer great wisdom.” (Isaiah 28:29)
I want to be a more faithful farmer. And so I need more of God’s great wisdom. Let’s commit today to become a better farmer so the Lord can have a bigger harvest.

1 Every evil pregnancy hatched for a season or time, over my life, let that evil pregnancy be aborted in Jesus name.
2 I pursue, I overtake and I recover every loots of midnight farmers have stolen from me by fire in Jesus name.
3 Every curse, power holding my mother’s children from being faithful farmers, from prospering, from progressing, I command it to expire in Jesus name.
Liberation thought: We work the field of souls together you and I…
Further reading: Luke 10:2-5

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