1. Foota, you are the worst kind of man…one who has too much pride and won’t admit when he’s wrong, as NONE of us are perfect…young man, tek heed and take my foolish advice…if *God forbid* you actually stare down the barrel of a gun, that would be the perfect time to recite your Bible verses instead of telling trigger finga fe suck im madda…Love does hurt Foota cause we’ve ALL experienced heartbreak at least once in our life, so no need to play tough and pretend like it nuh hurt nor yuh nuh give ah fuhck cause all that is superficial and un necessary…vent, cry, get over it and move on…

  2. A wah do dah wanna be Confucius yah ?.. :bingung since yuh love quote an parable here goes some quotes from the real Confucius wha me can directly link to you right now :request
    1. When anger rises think of the consequence . ( Confucius)
    2. Respect yourself and others will respect you (Confucius)
    3. The superior man is modest on his speech but exceeds in his actions (Confucius)
    Stop pos’ up pos’ up pan all kind a social site like yuh is a gyal as me granny woulda say satta uself

  3. An me no know bout unu but me nah tell no baddy suck yuh madda when no gun deh a me head :hoax2 no sireee bob nope not gonna do it :travel :travel

  4. Bwoii some man can foofoo tho sah…and b4 dem keep it to demself dem just feel seh dem affi unleash pan di general population. Mi nuh know bout unu but it irritate di hell outah mi.

  5. Like fa real Foota, stop frontin cause we all know how the love thang goes…women are more emotional so we tend to cry during breakups..unu man love gwaan like shit naan badda unu, laugh it up, smile and joke when you know good n’ damn well seh yuh chest plate ah bun both did love each other and now that its over, it hurts…give yourself some healing time and trust n’ believe me…when yuh find another good woman, your heart will heal and you’ll be happy and in love once again…but in the mean time, please to stop wid di wholeap ah gyally gyally postings *some ah unu man worse dan skettel*

  6. Mi see di movements u deh pan shine face bwaaay bout tek ova di man..Yuh did seh yuh a go start it ..Mine God finish it fi yuh

    1. Him face shine :maafagan :kimpoi y Metty??…what yuh seh him use tuh much vaseline? :hammer :hammer_____________________________________________

  7. God give me d strength fi me grow me boy pikney dem good so no gyal caan run dem head so – d amount a omna whe Foota did have pon Ishawna n d amount a rumours whe did a go roun say she de wid Mavado me no know how him a tek it so hard…LO D RASS GYAL YA NOW N MEK SHE MEK HER MISTAKE DEM GOOD GOSH!!! a true she a oman mek nuff ppl a hate pan her but dem a play double standard cause dem would rate him up more if d tables did turn n a him a f#$k dung d place… FOOTA LET D GIRL OLE B n go bath n get therapy u damn big bag a grease

  8. no sah a could never foota wey mi kno dude grow sum ballz dude you frigg every skettel wey go a dance and you behaving like you the best boy friend a female could have negro bye ishawna got sick of your shit and walked away the tables turn smh …

  9. I fear and have a BAD feeling this would end with Foota. Hype badly injuring or killing Ishawna. Then everyone will hold them head and bawl and cry like a BUNCH of FAKE or hypocritical people… Bout ” if dem did know or coulda save her.”
    PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING MEAN TO OTHERS WHEN THEY ARE GOING THROUGH HEARTBREAK ! Foot ah not a saint, either is Ishawana but what they are going through should have been NO one’s business but their own.
    There is a child involved.
    Dem fi live civil at least.

  10. Some woman… MOST women are good women and turn bAD when dem FED UP of man breaking hearting and pounding out every hole.
    It sad. Cuz men don’t fell dat pain till they on d receiving end.
    – but I wounds, what was the DIFFERENCE between HIM cheating on Ishawana for YEARS, and she doing it ?
    A Vagina. That is d ONLY difference.
    – women are PUNISHED for using their holes .
    (((((( deadings )))

  11. PRgirlangel noh mek noh comment under foota post dem,cause u worse then foota babymother, DON’T LET MI RUN U FILE TO METTY!!!!!!!!!!! u too nuff n brite

  12. I honestly dont understand, the blame game need to stop he said and she said, look here now, dem lef amicably she does all interviews, him a weep and a bawl ana beg zeen, but she is rampant giving the public what is her side of the story, and de man did an interview and told fi him side a de story and its so degrading to our jmg followers, anyways I’m not picking up for either of these people , i dont know them either and dont want to, but i have 3 boys and we as mothers have to grow our boys into men , especially if we are single parents……that just my piece

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