1. Poor stacy unu dnt ave concience the woman pregnant an all unu can do is bring her down,very sad.tash will get her karma an shortman is jus a dog wid no tail.stacy keep ur head high an look after ur baby

  2. Tash is a dirty trouble maker always inna people and causibg problem god dosent like badmind.

    Any man deal with tasha bad luck will follow them.

  3. Bwoy rash just a f**k any dancehall man with name and a war all the females who have a hype about them. Rash fi stop now man! Every time she have party she tek set on people to cause a mix

  4. Why yall blaming tash? Shortman is a dog and Stacy should know better because shortman f***g everybody and disrespecting her in her face.. Stacy not as innocent as she portrays.. Karma reach her for what she done to her baby father..

    Tash hype yes but a Shortman running after the gal. all video with him and tash in a dance kissing up recently.

  5. Same so, why everyone blaming Tash, did she hold a gun to the man head for him to cheat and from what I’m reading his the biggest hoe out there, Tash is not the only one he dealing with so why just blame her… I feel sorry for ole girl same way but sometimes when you do things to others the Karma does come back so if she did do her baby father is true so then it looks like karma finally reach her… So it’s a cycle no one man is faithful now a days… That’s too much for them to do all at one time.. smdh

  6. Stop blame Tash… Stacy f**k on shortman.. F**k on her babyfather.. hello everybody know stacy run go beeed to hold shortman… But shortman still want Tash… Tash hype so what?? Everybody is not d same.. u bloody janaicans hating on this girl for no reason!!!

  7. Tash tek up anything and luv cause problems. Same suh she used to try style jody and gwan the most way with belly pain and all now him nuh leff jody. No man nah leff them woman fi tash

  8. Cheering fi tash and shortman mi lub see dem together… d video ropes put out wid them was lit!! Stacy yu too strong fi d shortman yu look like tranny.. after d video stacy come out wid shortman a turner party an shortman nah look pon stacy. Admit d fact tash an shortman mek fi each other…

  9. But tash kno d family to.. member she an shortman go ja.. an she post up picture wid d brother. An all.. shortman mi pick tash fi u.. u 2 match.. Stacy karma is bitch.. U f**k pon all a yu man them.. stop behave like yu innocent..

  10. Where people man come into this. Shortman is a walking dog a everybody man .. thats why stacy run go breeed to own him.. but stacy you really fool.. shortman have 5 babymamma you make 6.. So why u think u can hold him? From what i saw in d video with tash and shortman they bout look happy and inlove. Stacy i think you should focus on having baby number 7 for shortman and await him to breed a next woman.. shortman just get a newborn baby with my fren.. Shortman have stacy and my fren preggo at once but my fren have baby before stacy a hope tash nuh fool fi be babymamma number 7.. this is a sad story. Words on d street in Brum shortman a married to a american woman january in Jamaica…. a shirtman fren buss d secret…wow!!!!!!

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