Met, life ah tek Trudy now.
Money nah run again. Mother in-law sell off dah shop, bank tek back dem townhouse. Father Doza daughter Kim put har an har picney up. Now Dancehall nah stop chat say shi an Kim ah suck out one another an f**k ah night time, everywhere dem dah like husband n wife. Mi bellllly………Dutty stinking nasty ugly duppy looking man Trudy since Jayson get dip an ur baby father nah look pon u yah turn biggg LESBIAN Like ur mudda June an sister Cathy what a Dutty Nasty life…




0 thoughts on “SEKKLE DIS TRUDY OO

  1. So because dem ah best friend, they automatically become lovers now…smh the person that send this in nuh have no life.

  2. Well if nutten nah gwaan fi har,the pics a prove wrong…she look fine to me,hurry up an find a place fi urself

      1. It look like she tan up side a di plug!!!
        When unnu come ova ya come buck unnu dutty laundry unnu ready fi pull plug but wat a good ting say it’s not fueled by nasty dutty minded ppl kmft unnu gwaan n low di page plssss cause mi get very upset when mi see “shut down” beside the word JMG eno go shut down unnu dirty life a dat unnu fi shut down worm shit

        1. and dem cannot shut what is really causing dem problem and funny enough people might a lie bout di lesbian ting but di one whey name kim she have more nail mark dan a boardhouse memba :travel

    1. Guh shut down yuh face and hole, If unno did a live good life wouldn’t business wouldn’t deh a road. Unno love bait up unno mouth bout shut down. Unno mussi tink a suh shut down guh,

    1. obara if is who mi tink a type di way har sumting busy she need a side street fi har one way..and mi know u love laugh but mi velly serious :nerd

  3. @met mi nuh think a Kim write nuh ting cuz she nuh Mek nuh ting badda her a must 1 a dem friend write it. Cuz a bay use Kim Mek Trudy use her and a bay chat Trudy chat her with ppl mi nuh know wat kind of friendship them have cause if you want know something bout Kim go by the hair dresser shop weh Trudy wok and you will find out cuz dat where Trudy chat the things dem.. Kim a idiot cuz she know all a dat a still have Trudy are house…

  4. :ngakak :ngakak ” Kim yuh have the plug”
    The amount a time mi see Trudy offi defend har sexuality…oh Lord

  5. Oh God met tek time wid me fren Kim. A me fren from school days. Nice quiet n humble girl from bridgeport days, she neva hype one bit. Kimmi girl take this a hint for the new yr. Mamma always say if yuh lay wid dog yuh muss. Nuff love and blessing to met JMG sweeties.

  6. Never know jayson get dip did you guys know he is also kieva baby daddy i guess him a see the child now

  7. raaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..mix up……dutty nasty no life people..unu come off a di girl name… sheesh….. di girl a live har life..yuh vex…..abbbaaayyyyy

  8. uno a seh the people need fi get a life but uno need one to cause a come uno come fi fass as well uno talk up the tings so i can know whata gwan inna dancehall since im not around anymore yaaaahh man!!!!

  9. M a tek and tge big threesome mixup with them over there. Met i want u republish this title cause mi have up the real thigs fi tell unu biut dutty lesbian trudy and walk and tek people man and gal kim. Kim she a Big idiot crab uo gal , het skin mark up lije dem drae nail all over her,her two foot dem big like jimbo barrel. Trudy get evict from over one year now and live in kim 1 bedroom wit dem teo gal pickney and dem gwan wit pure slackness were drm pickny deh. A pure all kind a differenr man, smoking, shit gwan a dat deh yard deh, and worst shop lock pon dutty trudy the one bedroom turn telement yard. She use kim fi rob toyato money and things, she chat kim how she walk tek all kind a man wah use her cause kim is like one big retard. Met mi directly have dem house business,who fah man and gald

  10. Met a wah do.some dutty vomit round here bout lock down page if unu business wasn’t Dutty unu would not reach on here. Met a long time some a dem full a grunich.,cobweb, back up septic.shit. Clean dem all anddun . Trudy want a whole face and body makeover not to mention how her hole salt, she nah go Jamaica go look fi her forget she muma don’t know who.she belongs to so she still a seek out Muary fi help her find him. Dozer must shame fi have a miami clean up as a daughter cause kim tek almost every street man in miami. All u goergia weh chat to her u never know she was taking Marlon more than u when him dead.

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