1. Laing ah fish, why act like u dont kno wah Sizzla is about. Laing ah move like him respect gays more than him own people.

  2. laing is a puppet being controlled by a puppeteer. laing dat use to kill how much people a talk bout hate music? when those artists were bringing in patrons with their hate music you use to happy but because your white boss unhappy you ban sizzla? sting was built off hardcore dancehall, violence, misogyny etc. but now you ago ban entertainers? remember when the government use to pressure dancehall and di whole a unnu bawl but now a promoter a do it.

    sizzla does not hide his beliefs so just dont book him for the show. once him touch the stage, he is going to bun everybody. if he does not change for britain you think he is going to change for some washed up police officer and white man who can only get this level of reverence and admiration in an ex colony like jamaica because in london or beverly hills nobody would give a crap about him lol

    can you imagine sting talking about hate music lol sting that promote how much violence over the years! give dem a cheque and dem ready to sell dem soul. met tell yuh friend joe big up himself, he confirmed what i always suspected.

    1. Nuh badda mek it look like a Laing a do what Joe se …dem seh a di sponsors..u mek it look like Joe a look fi pull one pan Laing n Jamaica but u are without background knowledge so nuh go dere…ask questions before u mek judgment because Joe doe business wid who a bun who and who not…dont talk whey u doe know…as to beverly hills not knowing Joe u need fi go do ur research

      1. What u need fi ask urself is if dis year a di fus Joe a put money ina Sting? Please nuh talk whey u doe know a di same reason why Sizzla guy chat shit pan stage because ina him mind a Joe change di rules and a bay di white man dis and dat and not one a unno a support unno own..did u buy di show? how u a guh even comment pan sinting whey u nah support and why should you? wha right u have desso?

  3. We have been here before. Red Stripe sponsors Sting and hit out against bad word and watered it down. Sting went corporate, lost if flavor, was watered down. Sponsors left. Laing soldered on, build back a vibe. Others then get on board, also some corporate sponsors , who now trying to water back down the product.

    1. thank you! di way dem send letter quick mi a wonder is how di hell dem se jamaica did have holidays…but what people dont understand really is that sting nuh mek money…a jus face why di show keep going…if laing did a mek money so much artiste wudden bawl bout pay…di show start n di amount a dem whey run go teef di stream and many many people message mi a ask fi link afta mi pay mi 39.99…but i have advised them to be honest about the show’s short comings cause people nuh understand se a millions di show lose when dem teef di stream and dat money cudda keep sting itself…di firm whey deal wid di ads estimated that a 2 million people watch di stream free 2012…its not fair..

  4. We need to as black people come together with our own money and sponsor our own things, then we won’t need white sponsors who will dictate how things should be done with our music and artists. This should be our wake up call…..if we continue we won’t even have sting in Ja they will take it away and put it in Europe and get some white reggae artists to perform.
    Sizzla I understand your passion to bun out certain things but just learn that there is a time for everything. Sting is to commercial for your type of style!!

    1. now we talkingggg…but as laing se sizzla go overboard..him call out redstripe…dragon stout…tourist board for what? whey him a do pan stage a bun out and u a nyam di money? doe go perform den if a so

      1. When mi hear sizzla mi did haffi do a double take..mi nuh agree wid di banning but why him go call out sponsors and who can tell him who fi bring and who nuh fi deh pan stage ?? if u a go tek money , nyam it and den go bun out who gi u food u a poison u own belly….mi shock mavado go perform and i mus commend him because he was supposed to be on ppv n 2chains tek up di time…n he was not upsett but di jamaican artist dem so ungrateful it really sickening..dem bruck dem neck fi go pan sting and as dem bus dem get too big fi sting..dem sick mi

  5. sorry did i offend your beloved joe? laing has never had a problem with “hate music” before, who are they fooling about 5 continents? sting`s target audience is not liberal white people, conscious music loving blacks like sumfest. the people who watch sting, watch it for much different reasons. szzla bun battyman every single show, di man say black power every show. no foreigner watch sting to see kisses and cuddles and peace song.

    your boy joe does not and will not have the same reverence abroad as he does in jamaica, thats a fact. hear your speech bout do research like joe is steve jobs or carlos slim haha no thanks me rather research marcus garvey or steve biko. your white boss and him police friend just put on one of the worst stings in history. man go a sting kick dung man, buss bokkle inna man head, fight, draw gun etc but this is what sizzla get ban for?????? and im suppose to believe the fact that since downsound come on board has nothing to do with this. i thought you met, who love talk bout gay this and gay that trying to change culture would make a stand. but how can you? wouldnt want to offend the big boss who everybody inna america and europe know bout lol

    1. are jamaicans supporting our music? why is reggae bigger in africa now more than jamaica? we respect we craft? sting’s target audience sorry to say…………….. is more outside of jamaica dan our own diaspora…as mi seh it mek u look foolish so nuh type whey u doe know…all these weeks i was working n doing research fi sting so i can surely tell u without a doubt that our music have better support outside a we country…

      1. But Met yuh don’t have to do research to know that. We all know Jamaicans rather wear a UK, American, Canadian flag than a Jamaican flag on dem shirt.

        you can hear other races and ethnicities playing bob marley, dennis brown, bounty killa, or shabba, but when you attend Jamaican parties all them wah play is trash (like tommy lee, kartel or the newer artists), nuff Jamaicans mi hear bun out older dj’s, even calling them “dinasurs” and how dem “must guh pu dung now,” so we are our own down fall.

          1. Sting cost around 5 milion usd fi put on, nuh matter how jamworld cork it cannot mek dat amount of money so di rest is left up to online streaming and every other jamaican is looking to watch sting but for free…dem nuh think se what is free to dem is costing someone else..if we did support di show and sting shudda can support itself now..after all its 30 yrs old but when a nuh di artiste dem a look a bag a money a people a teef stream..dem fi jus scrap it because people nah support di show

          2. Jamaicans and MOST black people in general do not support their own das why dem have to always play by white men/ gays rules most of the time.
            I was in a gift shop in Jamaica and notice that most of the Jamaicans would buy the Jamaican flag with the white woman on it….. I was so upset that mi walk out of the shop and even ask wah kind of Jamaican gift shop this a sell THE JAMAICAN FLAG WITH A WHITE GAL PON IT? but the whole point is, dem rather buy the flag with a whitey on it than dem own kind.

          3. gi u a better joke…when i interviewed the people in africa u see one a dem se nuh every jamaican speak patois?u eva si a set a people insulted by their own dialect like we? one time mi did put up some white uptown people and dem write one long letter bout di site n how we speak…mi neva hear no other caribbean island lick out pan dem dialect like we so di flag nuh surprise mi…u nuh si how dem a bleach :travel

  6. Blessed morning jmg….him perform di same way every year, why dem never ban him den? Why book him knowing wat him a guh do den bawl bout ban? I see no sense in dis kmt….bun dem out kolonchi

  7. so corporations dont have a problem with a man saying him will shot a man inna him face, shoot people in front of pastor and a school pickney, uncle demon, freaky gal me love, etc etc but they are worried about society might crumble because sizzla say bun battyman lol island and culture for sale, hurry up and buy it. 50% discount if you can prove you were not born in jamaica haha

    1. if fi mi company a go give 40 million… to a school and one a di student dem a go se a whey blah blah a guh who dem mi can do wha mi want and a me a pay fah? hell yea mi a go mek noise..respect a respect…sizzla call out di sponsor dem name he did not make a general statement

  8. Good morning Met and Good morning Metters.

    My question is, is this the first he bun out the sponsors? (I honestly would like to know)

    and that is true, you cannot bite the hands that feed you, if that’s what sizzla did him wrong, nuh tek my money den guh chat fawt.
    Yes Some Jamaican artists are ungrateful, once dem buss dem become to big for anything Jamaica related or for the artist that buss dem (Movado, kartel… w/ bounty)

    I just wanna know if this is the new world order because, how yuh can diss mother, father, pickney, use the word “nigga” but cannot say a lick about gays? so our speech is only free as long as it doesn’t have anything gay related?

    1. a di fus mi hear him do dat…last year memba a him did calm down di show but u cannot tek di pay n den go bun out who a pay u it nuh work suh…. all ina sizzla mind a dat a joe mek di change dem suh is joe him did a bun out n di sponsors him tink joe get n he is 100% wrong for that…we nuh support nothing we have see all shaggy haffi reach ina paper how much people want free tickets fi A CHARITY EVENT dat it a tek millions from di hospital dem too bitter man

      1. well den Met, mi agree with you since its the fuss him dweet. sometimes I cannot figure out my people, how yuh fi tek people money, food, gift, charity or wateva then tun roun an cuss dem? that doesn’t make sense.
        If sizzla felt a certain way from the get go, not give back the money and not perform then? that’s the heights of brightness and ungratefulness.

        1. so mi seh y tek di money?? nuh guh den if u a guh do dat n bout dem cannot tell him who fi carry deh :ngakak him gwaan bad and a dem behaviour always defeat di purpose

  9. Boy this is not sticky pon laing this was a very easy decision to make and I would do the same because there comes a time when reputation and improvement of self and business means more than what one man have to say. To be honest right now dancehall have a black eye and the last thing the music need is to be further labeled. Anybody that agree with sizzla is a fool because this is not about him but more about the industry. But a lifetime ban that rough. He should get the 5yr and dangel get the lifetime ban for being a chicken head bitch and ban betweenie gal cause a him first bring up the trash.

    1. “chicken head bitch” and “trash,” by the way, yuh love woman?

      very unnecessary.

  10. how the hell can an alcohol company think it has the moral high ground to declare what is wrong from right lol years from now when this dancehall ting dead and joe and all the others like him milk the cow dry and gone back to “fareen” then i hope nobody cries then.

    this is censorship and it has been used in one of the most draconian ways ever in the history of dancehall. banning sizzla? all now me cant believe it. when america and england did it, we cried foul but now its happening in the home of dancehall. the place where it all started!! what next, that is the question? so if man say we must stop walk go devon house wid we girl because it offends gays we ago stop dat too?

  11. Met what’s up mama happy new year. This looks like it is going to be a good year for Jamaica i just hope they know how to use this positive attention that they are getting. Jamaica is moving in the right direction in terms of improvement from the entertainment industry. And if the boss touch the road more music plus the world is waiting.

  12. They must have a vision for the product. They have 30 years of history to know what the product can be. The reality is that the product is now synonymous with clashes. Clashes will get ugly, but that is what the public wants.
    It is very difficult in Jamaica to not call someone a battyman or a sodomite in a clash.

    If we ware going to maintain the clash culture we have to accept that.

    Artists have to be smart, you cannot go on a show and disrespect sponsors. Actually good artist knows that they go and do promo’s and big up sponsors. That’s why the sponsors in the first place.

    Any artists that wants to bun out sponsors should work for free, but don’t bite the hands that feed you.

    1. pow pow..when sizzla come on i was in and out of sleep den di sponsor dem n mi get a call fi check…i cudden believe wha mi did a hear…sting a wi own little thing and we like how it a di street ppl ting we fi support it…and fi 30 years is a shame di show have no vision………….none

  13. this is a regular thing for sizzla, he does it every show. why book him in the first place?? hey all of you talking about right time right place, dont realize how serious this is inno!! this is the powers that be showing that they have the power to silence a jamaican, on jamaican soil singing jamaican music. continue to back them because when we back against the wall we ago see who is who!

    im not even that much of a sizzla fan since late but this has disturbed me, its one thing to see white country ban di man, but sting? a show that poor people money build to put it where it is? selassie i know

    1. Sigh’et………..



      that is what met is trying to say and did say. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU GIVE SOMEONE A PLATE OF FOOD THEN DEM START CUSS YUH?

      since yuh a talk bout misogynist how do you feel about d’angel being banned? nothing nuh move you in that department?

      1. instead of d’angel she coming upfront n se she apologise she want it look like di world against she but is a typical jamaican a teef u report dem n dem try kill u se u a try stop dem food :hammer

        1. lmao

          met yuh soo right bout dat one, Jamaicans is the only ones I know you cannot tell dem fi stop do something that is wrong or else “a bad mind yuh bad mind and a try stop man food” :ngakak

  14. @eye lid what the hell say respect woman better you stop talk and loving and caring about a woman have nothing to do with her acting like she cant pay her child’s school fees or that Jamaican artist are suffering.

    1. At least she is a grown women, but what say you about the schoolas dem weh carry on worse dan dat after them listen hell boy songs?

      but that is the type of women the Your Boss love so whats the problem?

        1. I was trying to stay out of the argument but right now I’m in my office looking out the window at 6 inches of snow (still coming down). You just pissed me off lol. save some of di sun fi mi tu

  15. It is so funny that for years and years we keep hearing that reggae music put jamaica on top.

    Met I am wondering how does the jamaican politicians feel knowing that music and sports personalities are responsible are the reason for jamaica’s global attention now and they have nothing to do with it. All the bigger heads in Jamaica have tired to do is destroyed the morals of the people to accept somethings. Still say sizzla wrong.

    1. Dem nuh feel no way..mi hear one pan di radio bout when she hear seh JTB sponsor Sting she call in because people under di perception dat reggae nasty ray tay…a di same dem whey did reject bob marley..sizzla wrong because what he launched was a personal attack pan di sponsors it cudden right but dem shudden ban him nor make so much out of it…it a gi di batteyman dem leverage

  16. regardless, Sizzla has the right, his human right to his speech!!!…the very music that he sings/dj reggae music began on a soap box, shouting loudly against all and anything which was not right!!! socially, morally, politically..this is sizzla’s personality as an artist and we all know that, and I believe he is to be respected for who he is and that HE has not, because of visa and etc changed his tune, he is still dancing to the beat of his own drum!!…THEY will do everything and anything to fall the strong one and some who claim to be strong will crumble under pressure and often times it is your OWN they use to oppress and fight you, but God above men and all things!!..Jamaica is crumbling and this gay agenda is also a money making agenda, soonest Jamaica becomes a gay loving and accepting country, de gay cruises dem stawt pull up on our shores….as is always my speech, the gay dem ah one ting dem supporters are the worst!!!!

    “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must, at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.

    1. Obara when him tek di pay fi do di show him eat him right…he was not banned fi di batteyman ting only..he singled out the sponsors so anyway u tek it he is wrong times ten ..he has never done whey him do pan sting stage a matter of a fact him did a cuss n play it off musically..n bout some man fi clear di stage when him deh pan di stage…man a dus him seem fi figet dat

      1. ok Met those intricacies mi nuh know, but if ah de batty man ting dem ah ban him bout, dem can do what dem want to do caws ah dem show, but Jamaicans nuffi support dat action layed aginst him caws dat is our stance from mawning….if it change ah now and chu licky licky an craven, and wretch like jflag dem, tanya stephens, diana king and shame ah oonuh!! we are of African descent and HOMOSEXUALITY WAS NOT THE AFRICAN WAY!!!…some people aguh sey but mi si african battyman all de time, IT IS LEARNED BEHAVIOUR, IT WAS NEVER APART OF OUR CULTURE…..

    2. When u work in an organization do u have the right to say and dress how u please? NO! for the night sting was sizzla’s work place and as such he should have adhere to the rules. He couldn’t then he should not have accepted the job he could have said no

  17. a fukkry decision this. me nah hide and talk. DJ a come pon stage a bun battybwoy and uptown livity from the first DJ hold a mic. it happen every year pon a stage a yard or inna a dance. DJ a offend people sensibilities who nuh agree wid dem from ever since. no me nuh see this as right and it nuh have nutten fi do wid support music as far as me concern. this look like who have power find a way fi cow dung a certain segment a society and dem a use it cah dem see say dem can get way wid it cause all we a do nowadays is worship money or who have the most.

    if a so laing did ever run sting back in the day me woulda never go none a dem sting deh when a him one did a run it widdout uptown backitive.

  18. It is obvious that Laing did this to boost his credibility. Laing knew that sizzla would not go on stage and sing “We are the World”. So what he did was invite Sizzla to be himself after which he Laing would jump in and make his pro-tolerance speech. This would then see him as a “first world promoter” in a Third world country. Now he will be lauded and pocket more money. He and his cousin are working well together.

  19. dont understand ppl who seh Laingkno wat sizzla is about…give me a break this is a business if the man a pay yuh fi a show and him seh no hate music him have hundreds a a song can do…dont disrespect the man thing and him a pay…that f**ked up to me…agree with the banning…not saying i dont agree wid wah sizzla represent but its 2014 there is a time and place for every thing…this is a business the man want appeal to all spetrum of audience who is sizzla fi try mess up him thing.

  20. Lets stop this madness as Jamaicans this is the only thing that we have going for us and is the only way some of us put food on our table. Feeding your family is one thing but if you cant respect the rights of the sponsors you do not belong on the show. And true we n like batty man and gal but dancehall is bigger than sizzla, betweenie gyal, killa, kartel, shaggy and Shawn Paul the list goes on. And sizzla behavior is one of the reasons we cant even have a a decent jamaican radio station in America (New York) and to be honest no matter how much I see jamaican on the net or talk or on t.v. having a radio station would be the ish. I want my music world wide so I can be home away from home.

    1. mi si weh yu a sa ………but u deppon ya several times an a dis di admin ……..dat mean yu fi get ban ? no yute everybody have dem right fi talk how dem feel …him saying that does not mean the sponsors support it………..if a man did get kill a sting none a di sponsor dem would not sponsor di man family …………….dem woulda seh dem nuh responsible………..

        1. All mi a seh weh sizzla do a nuh really fi dem responsibility dem can easily deny it ….so is like laing a target him fi get a forward

          1. how dem can deny it? dem cudda shut off di mic but sizzla did already a mek threat pan di stage hold on deh mek a go fi di video

          2. Yes dem shoulda a lock off him mike…and mi nuh si nuh security go up de go talk to him…… mi seh ina previous comment ………to how him did a go haad all him madda and fada him look out gainst …….so mi nuh know how dem mek him do him full set ……..if it is something dem dont agree with

  21. from the gleaner link:

    The ban comes as a result of Sizzla’s set where he reportedly went against agreed-upon protocol to lambaste homosexuality on several occasions.”

    look like laing have bttyman a sponsor sting

    1. Lady saw lick out pan lesbian tuh n neva get ban so mi a tell u se a jus dat di paper a se a nuh dat alone…i will put up his performance

      1. @Met
        is better yuh give up because it doesn’t matta what you say, Jamaicans always see just in the corner of the picture.

        das the flaws with Jamaicans, we don’t look on the bigger picture or look at all aspect den chat, we just chat…..
        Saw bun out Macka on crotch rubbing and never get ban, so obviously its more that dat sizzla duh (aldo it seems that di battam is more presshus dan di front)

        1. ayeeeeeeee nuff a who running up all pan di saw ting neva pay fi watch a show neva support no artist but waa dictate di running of things

  22. Good morning everyone one word that can be used to describe reggae music is REBELLIOUS now Sizzla is n as always be a downright reggae artiste his stand has always been bun battyman n all who support it also he is about BLACK POWER, the problem here is that since JA is not owned by J’cans it is hard to not offend the owners.

    JA tourist board is not J’can owned the whole a di liquor company not J’can so of course a person like Sizzla a go piss off the sponsors. Now I have concluded that Sizzla has just discovered that the very sponsors who’s money him a nyam a di very thing him is against n went ahead n be the REBELLIOUS person he is n bun dem, Let’s just chalk it up to even if dem neva ban him now that him see who a run di show will not choose to perform at Sting anyway so the ban is NOT necessary

  23. Happy New Year to you Met and others. Sizzla a mi artist but we all know that there is a time and place for everything. If you are hired to do a job and parameters and rules were established whether it is vocal or written contract then you have an obligation to that employer. Again why did Sizzla tek the $ then bun the sponsors? Would you hire someone that you know would disrespect you in a PUBLIC forum such as STING, THE GRAMMY, and THE EMMYS? We as Jamaicans need to stop make excuses and defend what we know are detrimental to race culture infrastructure and self-worth. We as Jamaican the country Jamaica cannot survive or grow without the assistance of other countries. China who is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with can’t do without trades and dealings with USA and others. Their view as a communist country is strong but in the end they know their boundaries. It’s obvious that the sociological scars of slavery have not been erased. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind. As Martin Luther King say “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

  24. this ban on sizzla represents an end to sting and all of what the grassroots lower class has slowly built on their own widdout uptown support. me nah go play hypocrite and hold my talk MET. me disagree wid you pon this big time.

    as me say before certain sections of society did always want get rid of this subculture and now that them realize the nowadays generation worship nutten but money they finally a use it buy out the likkle morals we have left on the basis of “time and place” bullshit. FYI dancehall / reggae wasn’t founded on no time and place or it woulda never reach where it deh now.

    1. disagree wid mi seh sizzla wrong? we who do not support di music mek it bad fi wiself..if we were supporting sting we wudden haffi a run dung sponsors and a do whey dem seh..dem wudda run we down..we took away our own power so now what?? mi neva ever se dem right fi ban sizzla mi seh him wrong fi call out sponsor name blah blah…when we are supportive of our own morals then we can carry them out…why dem nuh waa buy di ticket or live stream fi see di show??? why? n den waa come talk what sponsors nuh fi do?? it nuh work suh

      1. MET them sponsor the show BECAUSE them a benefit from doing so. it is not welfare or from the goodness of their heart. come on MET which part liquor sell nuh dancehall and stage show so it was in their self interest to sponsor it. buying them liquor is a form of supporting the music.

        but guess wha if more people did stay like me anedda guinness, heineken or red stripe nuh drink mek them bayybwoy friend them drink it instead.

        1. fakie it nuh matter ….the point is sting needs them more than they need sting..di only way fi sting get out a dat is fi have dem own money n dem dont

  25. Met me realized mi neva use mi right blogger name cause mi did so heated fi reply and type part a mi email name lol….But am not supporting the ban, I’m just merely asking these questions to justify why I know Sizzla is wrong for what he did toward the sponsors and all threaten fi shoot if him no get him $$ lol.
    Was he warned prior to the show or before he went on stage(verbally or written in the contracts)?
    If he was NOT warned at anytime then he had the right to perform anyway he wished.
    If he WAS warned why did he take the money knowingly he would breach their contract?
    We all have our beliefs and most if not all of us work for someone and even if we own our own business we cannot disrespect our customers and employer. If we value weh wi bread n butter coming from we must set personal standards that respect other people standards and boundaries. This does not mean we accept their life style, religious belief and financial views simple. Sizzla himself sing say “simplicity mi use fi survive do what you doing properly that’s the way through life”

    1. yes he was warned…and if u read whey him publicist say u see seh a purpose him do it fah kaws she se dem TRY censor him…his actions appeared very purposeful and now mi know y

  26. sizzla is an artist, and as such he has the right to express himself however he chooses regardless if it offends some…we all cannot agree all the times and for the most part he is and has always been know to be controversial, to place a muzzle on any artist is to kill their creative possibilities, and sizzla has always been who he is he did not just change overnight, bunning out batty man is a given for sizzla, heck he even made a song about it, I tend to agree with the blogger who said that probably the promoters put him up there knowing that he would do the very same thing he did and therein after lambaste him for doing so publicly hence making them look GOOD in the eyes of the international world. I just watched his performance on you tube and what I saw was him being true to form, I must admit it did seem as if he was throwing words around a bit but then again this is sizzla, and it was his way of expressing himself that earned him his fame and glory.

    Phil Robertson from duck dynasty made some comments about gays and was suspended from the show, but his suppoeters protested about his suspension and so he is now back on the show, (oonuh know bout the states dem call de bible belt, gay supporter out numbered ah chu media propaganda mek oonuh tink the majority is for it…lies!!!))….donkey sey de wurl nuh level….we should support sizzla and his strength. Met you said he did other things which earned him the ban, and I trust you so I believe you, but media coverage says to the world that it was because of his homophobic lyrics, and so to have this out there like that to the world then the gays has gained more leverage…smdh!!!!…hope springs eternal God naw sleep!

    1. …if they had these sponsors they should never have booked him…..he has no border …I heard they did not want bounty ……dont know if it is true .;…so why accept sizzla …..I think he was used but I could be wrong

  27. yes Met but yuh si den do wha suit dem purpose, fire de guy from grey’s anotomy for using the word faggot, black people never protest and support him, but as duck dynasty daddy get suspended and de W people dem protest de man get him job back quick

  28. The gay community is not powerful as they can’t even get gay marriages to be legalised in countries where homosexuality have been legal for over fifty years .Gay people who like dancehall listen to dancehall regardless,gay people who don’t just pay attention to whatever music they like .
    A lot of people have been mixing up tolerance of homosexuals (which is normal in Jamaica ) with tolerance of sexual deviants who prey on street boys and promote male prostitutes .

  29. In no way does sting cost 5mil usd .How much tax do the pay ? I am going to request through hte freedom of information act how much money is paid in tax though the hosting of the annual events .

  30. You stated what someone told you .Can you breakdown the cost ? It will be available to the auditors at the tax office .

    1. It can be broken down for formal reasons but u had no funding involvement so what purpose would the breakdown serve u? There were over 30 acts booked for the show , almost 100 members of staff ..the rest is common sense

  31. met suck out u mouth, only child don’t debate with licky licky bias met, a suh she behave like laing sell out fi a dollar, one time her sight use to get all 800 comments she lucky if she can get 100 comments, her sponsor soon back out pan she to with her water down site, and you can ban me too met, cause dis a de worse of JMG

    And while other countries embrace our music, Jamaicans still determine which music hot and which is not.

    1. nuh count comments because when 200 people used to log on at once and mek di 800 comments now there are thousands so gi mi dat any day and u nor u mumma cyaah stop dat go bleach u teet and go nyam food put ina u malnurish body..di only person whey sponsor jmg is me a dat u fi watch.. mi nuh have no time fi ban u mek jmg gwaan bun u

    1. down to di very bible se salt n sweet cannot come from di same mouth because di body mus poison..only child a mi dupes him neva ask u no time fi back up

  32. happy new year good people!!!!
    Again I will repeat what I have observed. u don’t have to like it, love it, hate it…..all u have to do is: TOLERATE it. That is the concept which is being given out!!!
    if Sizzla was in “contract” he should have respected said contract and sponsors. If he was an invited guest and was warned verbally and paid, then his ‘ACT’ was definitely pre-meditated and now he is paying the consequences!!!!
    Everyone knows that jamaica is highly “homophobic”….based on numerous killings and beatings of “gays”, in jamaica.
    Sizzla is just a “product” of his environment……guh tru sizzla….SELASSIE I KNO!

  33. it appears that sizzla is now the “scapegoat”, the “example”. THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF ARTISTS’ CONTINUE TO LICK-OUT PON HOMOPHOBIA,,,,,B WARNED!

    1. dem fi lick out pan di force whey dem waa force ppl fi accept dem but they cant if dem nuh build a strong bakkitive..

  34. freedom of expression will be repressed to the point where you cyan even get “fined” for making derogatory homophobic comments. wat is this!

  35. London5948 mi like yuh bad, but mi nuh agree wid yuh wid de beatings and killing of gays, caws most ah de beatings and killings ah dem dweet to dem self and den tun roun lie pon we. mi nuh sey dem nuh get it from we to at times when dem pass dem place but ah dem ah de wicked!!!

    1. greetings, Obara, happy new year.
      Based on what i have read and heard is where I draw my conclusions. i have always known that jamaica has had a low “tolerance” for gay activity.
      i have read numerous accounts of gays being beat-down or killed: by whom is up for debate.
      Jamaica is also a “class prejudice society”. It seems as if jamaica is following the masses to tolerate the gay life-style!

    1. sorry fi urself or fi sting? whey u get that figure from?
      i say again there were over 30 PAID ACTS almost 100 members of staff
      doe run mi down..advertising globally was over 300k when u know bout inflation talk to mi…also were u aware that 2 press launches were kept? do u know how much airfare is? how many people did sting fly in and book…how much does lighting cost?????? how much did the ppv contract cost?? how much did the streaming contract cost??

  36. And regarding the sponsors uno luddy.. Jus like how a woman can tek a man money and still f**k pon him ,Dada tek uno money and bun uno right inna uno face nutten nuh wrong did dat tek slave master money and tun round lick dem inna dem face a 300 years a slavery we go try.. mi neva si dollars a jump up pon batty yet..a spend mi see people spend it and it a go inna cash register.A same way ghetto people tek politician money and bun dem after mi huh see nuh difference…A WE SEY P—– NUFFI SUCK…B—— NUFFI F–**K.SIMPLE.

  37. force dem waan force people fi accept dis slackness yes and dem using money fi control and force people into acceptance, but just like how money mek de mayor run, faith can move mountain, and the powers that be use fear fi run de world fi control de mass, so in order to get people to conform to their plans just threaten dem pocket, what kind of world is this!!!

  38. I don’t know but what i am telling u is 530,000,000 million jamaican dollars was not spent on sting and yuh can’t shut it dung mi thoart because every year laing owe artist money ..lolol every year,dad why cartel did stick hi up last year, half of the acts on sting don’t get paid trust mi,maybe 10 out of the 30 so u can’t fool me mi dun know how stage show set up..

    1. supercat was paid 64k plus helicopter fly him round..I ask again….do u know what did a gwaan? :ngakak
      remember all the artistes got per diam fi all who a rehearse..there was also bonafied flown in from africa..mi done now kaw u know more dan mi..i have some work fi do brb

    1. u did not cut the check so what do you know?? as a promoter u should know what things cost and let me ask u..what is the cost to run an ad on pandora for 4 weeks…call up pandora and ask then get back to me :kiss

    1. sting no cost dem 1mil usd .wyclef worked for free (I heard) ,dem a try trick taxman but the imf have their own auditors so we soon hear..Different times now..

  39. mi nuh rispants like macka wha nuh body waan sey..


    1. u tink mi have time fi waste a argue wid u? :ngakak
      yes him go wavel that has nothing to do with his pay..yuh can go get him fi di 10k…keep up wid di times cause u not wid di times mi done now fi real mi nuh argue one ting too long

  41. Metters let me tell u this i know artist that have pay laing fi go pon di show more,,
    not 1 or 2 mi know dat fi a fact so all bonafied dem haffi find pane ticket and book dem hotel and maybe haffi find drive go sting memba dat..
    if laing can still owe killa bernie cartel buju and nuff more artist money him ago waan pay a no name artist big money fi perform..People i am telling u that majority of artist that go to sting don’t get paid because its a show dat if yuh gwaan good pon it a u can run di next year so dem always have it like is a opportunity dem a give most of the artist dem..

    1. Lmaoooooooooo mental problems really rampant pon ya u think a my mouth u smell nooo hon that would b ur mouth wit all the shit u talking yesssssss gawwddddddddddd
      Met a beg u tell agent to the unpaid stars say a daytime when mi check in mi IP address differ from evening time cause when u say work a my name u call n mi nahhh tawk fi it type a work which is done on its back n knee

      1. chuh :ngakak u hear mi tell him mi done and mi mean it suh mi nah lukkkkk mine di agent a carry feelings from when unno did shell him prior :hammer

  42. Ok Miss Met help me do the maths recently i was attending the Supa Cat show with a friend in Amazura there were close to about 250-350 people in the club the charge was 25 dollars how much could he be paid by the promoter? yuh think sey a promoter can pay u out 5 or ten times more than what the income of the show will be,,
    Cut di hype and lets be realistic..Cat a real don but his days of badness and hi prices are over,he acts a little senile sometimes and he just does not have the full energy for the stage again alot of people were disappointed by his performance even Laing..So if he really got 64K he should give them back 60 and hold di 4..

  43. Tawkchuet have a good new year..mi can’t anas yu god know..mi naw dis nuh body pon di site seen, but when people a talk yuh fi mek dem talk cause yuh a style mi as sizzla mad gal and when mi ansa yuh yuh a chat bout stink mout ..just done it seen mi nuh inna di disrespect..Bless.

    1. No u disrespect me bless mi hask a question n u decided to comment about my mouth so tell me how mi wrong fi ansa u, mi deh ya a read u comments n mi think u writing style is a bit like Sizzla stalker that’s all mi say dread so Happy New Year to u to but if u don’t start no stuff won’t b no stuff

  44. ‘shell prior’ badness backa computer screen a joke ting i have never felt uno shelling power roun here try uno can mek me feel a way over people business..come on JMG don’t get it twisted i only remember u guys when i think about rachet folks..

    1. Guess we remind u of u self cause u deh ya all morning so u thinking bout us a lot den Mama mi did waaa HASK u a few question when the person send Miguel sex files ova ya but I didn’t see u so let me go again now a true him really have a likkle cocky???????

  45. All people can do is talk at this point cause you can’t stop nothing…..can’t stop batty man, lesbian, sting, nor money making just like you can’t stop the world from spinning. When you go to work to make your money that makes you eat a food you have to apply to all the rules cause you will get fired same goes for sizzla he might have even played a part too for more publicity….. and although is music is true cause we nuh support the things we have to get our hands dirty sometimes cause we still have to survive stop being worried about what other people do cause they are doing what they do some of you who have kids need to put some of these strong opinions Inna the kids them mind from now cause when unnu dead and gone a the kids Dem ago live fi Dem life now Inna the Saddam and gomaro world and go sting same way so be careful and most people just read the gleaner and watch TV cause they think everything the gleaner or TV say is true poor souls….. what is behind the scenes? mi tek mi own eye see man bun out fish and when you hear from the shout Dem same man deh find Dem self Inna the fish world see Whitney come world wide and say crack is wack and the whole time the gal a crack head mi just a say plain and simple you cah tek my product and nuh gi mi, mi money and live unnu life cause all weh a gwan Joe, Laing, and everybody else weh a mek Dem money naw pay not a soul mind see Usain go put on dress deh him get him hands dirty cause him a think bout fi survive see angel go skin out deh cause that’s all she know fi tek the man wid the nuffest money is just har time done next young gal deh deh now fi pick up where she left off mi nut feel it for her I feel it for her kid macaroon at this point talking won’t save the world cause it only ago get worst try to save the youths

    1. Real agent to unpaid stars mi nah argue with u just gwaan spit shit on this post cause it seem like say u go drink u pepto n u mouth now have diarrhea SHIT ON MY DEAR SHIT ON

    Sodom and gomorrah is opening their doors, please do not enter. it starts with carnal thoughts and carnal minds……it is not good, don’t get caught-up with tha demon dem!!!
    Remember YOU can tolerate it BUT doa accept it……u kno its there but doa acknowledge it!!! who waa back-UP D NASTINESS DEM MEK DEM GUH TRU……..ME nah walk widdem!!!!

  47. @ met, mi nah tek no side….BUT….although sizzla might have taken the sponsor money, what if there was a lot of disrespect behind it? i mean sometimes is not what we say but how we say it?
    suppose dem pay him an den a try mek it seem like tru dem gi him a money dem can control him an tell him how fi perform an what him can an cannot do. maybe a dat get him head hot why him go out there an blaze everybody. maybe it nuh personal against joe. maybe is just the fact that he doesn’t want anybody to feel like dem can tek libbaty wid him jus tru dem gi him a likkle ting.
    but if they know how he is, then they should not book him then feel like they can tame him with their money. so all sizzla was doing was to show dem, “hey u money caan hol me nor control mi. mi nuh frighten fi things.” sizzla dam bright and facety yes, but i guess its the principle. all in all i’m sure he must have known the repercussions would not have been good, lol

  48. Happy new year met n metters :peluk :peluk , met we all know Laing nuh like pay artist but from joe get involve nuh him me see a pay artists. Till him did want sue d “gully frog”.

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