Met what away almost everybody inna dancehall a get married a wey me a wait pon? Look pon all lick out (Edited) ikel dwl them tun him down last year fi work permit to go canada fi one party him did book fah lil bit afta that him go married pon him baby mother fi get(Edited) but ikel yuh nah go Mek it far inna life if yuh nuh change yuh ways so yuh can married all 50 time yuh goodly nuh go farin yuh a one a the most badmind dutty selector mi Eva kno everyday yuh co works them talk bout yuh but nah tell yuh str8 my yute clean up yuh heart



0 thoughts on “SELECTOR RAY RAY

  1. lowe di youth, a unu badmind not bcz nuh foreigners nuh waan married unu but mi feel is a badmind gal weh never get prpose to post this f**ka yuh!!! prevail yah ikel team shellllalalalalalalal

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